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  1. Hi,

    Riyaka posted this picture on the Forum > Renewal Hats

    A pity he hasn't updated recently.

    I don't think I will be updating any hats lists in the future. Kinda busy doing other stuff. :)

  2. Dude,do you have the list of the latest event hats?

  3. Wow, this still works???? Who would have believed after all this time

  4. oh. how is your life?

  5. Hi. Thanks for the PM, Well yaeh, I kinda came back last week to see who was about. Playing? Nah, I just sit about n chat with people.

  6. hi, are you stil playing?

  7. Happy Birthday Whisper!!

  8. Not hiding, just a busy time of year.

    Things to see, people to visit, places to go, books to read, movies to watch.

    As for visiting RO?

    Well Val Feather is still not fixed or restored back to how it was.

    I cannot log onto my three favorite characters until Honor un-does whatever he did that now causes Val Feather to Gravity error my account whenever I try to log on.

  9. I have tried fixing the Val Feather by adding the sprites to my data folder, and also by renaming the Val Feather in the ID texts, but cannot get past the Gravity error when i try to log on.

    Maybe Honor needs to change the files back to they way they were for the bugged Mutual Wing image as before, and perhaps get Val Feather into Xile as a new item number.

  10. Locked out of XilePK after i equipped Valkyrie Feather Band and got the Gravity error.

    Cannot log onto the game until this gets fixed by Honor

  11. silly crunch toast~

  12. Wow! I miss my Lif Cat pet, and all those ribbons we had back in the days of Main server.

    Must have been Christmas time as you and Maddy have used Santa bags for cute Santa's Helper outfits.

  13. Good to have you back, gonna have to visit you in Love Town<3, sounds like a fun place, and certainly friendlier than the PvP arenas.

  14. Whisper~~ Glad to be back in here =3