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  1. @remiel.. Sorry.. :3 i already remove it.. ^^

  2. can you at least make your signature a bit smaller? thanks

  3. dude.. u there???? i need to get my items that i used in leveling your chars.. lol

  4. you still sell +10sapphire set???

  5. DO u still have +10 SApphire set????

  6. yo sexy.. .can u give me again the PATCH for 3rd job??.. the one You give me last past month... because some fckng people deleted the xileRO folder here at my Shop... can u PM me the patch that u have give me last past month??... the ProjectAnogy something.... like that... thanks aLot.. ~~~~~~~~~> Omega, CaliburNs

  7. hes such a dumb ass GM ever... lolz...

  8. I honestly hate that fag rhile is at right now.. Hes a really great damn fag.. Ingenuous... He cant even see those fucking question i was posting.. Then he act and infarct me with a "reason: Useless report"


    lolz he sucks alot..

  9. Hi pretty.. U got facebook acc??? ....

  10. omega san.

    viado lol

  11. yoo sexxy... . sell me LDT ploxx ... im looking for an LDT .... T_T

  12. he's looking for u... and he Want to see u in game ...



    he is a player....

  13. he's looking for u... and he Want to see u in game ...

  14. yeash...



    he is a player....