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  1. I have a friend who's in Leviathan part but he's having a hard time killing the mvp since he only have G. eternity. I can't send my SL either seems that you have to finish the quest first in order to have access going to MVP map. Help? Edit: My friend made it just need to use Sorcerer and Spam skills.
  2. This will serve as a guide on how to unlock the Seraphic Gate! Enjoy farming coins!! The quest has 4 parts as seen in the photo of the map in order to activate the Gate. 1ST PART LOCATIONS OF THE 5 HIDDEN EYES! 2ND PART 3RD PART (P.S. Assuming your looking at the map with a vertical and horizontal line intersecting I always see Kubin at the 4th Quadrant or Lower Right. ) 4TH AND FINAL PART HEAD NORTH! GATE TO THE 5 GOD(not Demon) MVPs END PRODUCT! took me half day maybe considering I took some breaks from the Quest