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  1. u still play ro ??

  2. oi

    startd playing again ??

  3. surajrokz

    where do u hunt and find all equips n cardz ??

  4. surajrokz

    u started playin in pk back again ??

  5. u stoppd playing ??

  6. gr8z for becoming mod

    will catch up l8r with u

    gtg now

  7. i wanna tell u that i posted in reports w/o recognizing

    dont ban me in forums ...

  8. surajrokz

    bro can u reply to my query on problm on pk

    regardin registerin id probz

  9. i will b on in-game after 12 hours !!

  10. bro do u have ur ygg berry still ???

  11. kk

    anywayz der will b a recovery sooner or later .

  12. who2 master

    tell me ur IGN

  13. bro ur dw ....

    u on in game ??

  14. bro pmem e @who2 master in game

    we will deal ........

    pm me here also !!!!!

  15. u coming back or no ??

    sab kuch ud gaya kya terea

    or sumthin left ??

  16. bro how cm u have sooo manny itemz now ??

  17. so dat i can lvl up atleast !!!!

  18. u pro in main kya ??

    if u r den gimme som noob eqpz ....

  19. juz wantd 2 know coz u r dashz friend also

    r u in ee ??

  20. oi

    main mein account banaya kya ???

  21. who r u in-game in main ???

  22. disz masterz from in-game

    u hav any seedz or very noobis eqpz

    i can give u arnd 45m datz wht i have ......

  23. hehe .....


  24. if u plannin 2 quit gimme ur eqpz ...

  25. hmm yup

    i m in main ...

    mayb i will shift 2 main ..