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  1. go 18 now =))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. hey masterzzz. go 2 if ever you come back

  3. no she duno play anymore ....not for now atlest ....hmmm she is haveing some Problems In RealLife ....first she needs to take care of it...

  4. u still play ro ??

  5. oi

    startd playing again ??

  6. where do u hunt and find all equips n cardz ??

  7. u started playin in pk back again ??

  8. u stoppd playing ??

  9. gr8z for becoming mod

    will catch up l8r with u

    gtg now

  10. i wanna tell u that i posted in reports w/o recognizing

    dont ban me in forums ...

  11. bro! dont post at report watch his arrow were point.

  12. yea im leaving Xile i might be on for a hour or so on the weekends to talk to a few friends but has for that im done

  13. bro can u reply to my query on problm on pk

    regardin registerin id probz

  14. i will b on in-game after 12 hours !!

  15. bro do u have ur ygg berry still ???