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  1. Swan

    Narcos stride here SUP?

  2. Vavali, you gay stalker! Have a good time with your life!

  3. Hey Vexx, Do you remember someone named starlooper or stridestar?

  4. Hello VEXX i remember you! Its me stridestar/starlooper !!!

  5. Swan

    Ariel! you need to come back!!!!!!!

  6. Swan

    Hello elmo! I think I will come back to xilero for awhile.

  7. VIVI! Hello!

  8. Invert, I have not played for about half a year, I bet my account has been deleted so no point in reDling xilero.

  9. Arg I just looked at my reputation.... Whats that all about? I never offended anybody... at least i dont think so, and if i did please tell me instead of just ruining my honor

  10. mmm kk :( elmo still has your items?

  11. invert my lol name is stridestar

  12. uhhh invert my lol name is


  13. INVERT!

    Stridestar pwns all

  14. has not been on in a long time