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  1. I can help you try and recover your accounts, pm me on facebook "Gaige Swanson".
  2. 1. Remove Manhole from WoE -This skill has no counter play and makes WoE very boring and not engaging. WoE should be full of fun and excitement, but 20 Shadow Chasers spamming manhole is not fun for attackers, or defenders. 2. Reduce the effect time of Manhole -If Manhole is not removed, please reduce the amount of time people are trapped by it. I would suggest half the current time. 3. Increase Hallowtick availability -I have been playing for hours every day since the release of the hallowticks, and I have only managed to collect 51. The only way to collect these in any reasonable number is to have an Aegis set with Nocturn set in order to complete the Halloween quests. -The treasure box/event mob that is spawned in a random town every 30 minutes should drop 5 Hallowticks instead of 1. - The scheduled events such as dice event..etc should all drop 10 hallowticks
  3. Is it possible to nerf the MVP on these quests? The only players that can kill them are players with Nocturne set. Even an aegis account can't harm the MVP.
  4. Does the sword have Demi Human Damage?
  5. Glad to see this update! Good luck to everyone getting quest points for the Aegis sets!
  6. Nice update! Thank you <3
  7. Is this promotion still available?
  8. I had a blast around the time onyx/emerald sets were released. I'm not sure what year that was