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  1. Hi,Have been playing long time ago , and after my pass was lost i have been contacted with Remiel , Mars .But they told me about need to send mail to Jon,Rem send my Mail to Jon but still ...after emmm 3years?....and still no email with answer about my problem.I remember ID`s Few CharNames but not sure about wich name from wich account, and remember few email i have`d used . ID:Ternopil ID:Kamasutrik1 ID:Kamasutrik ID:FUNTIKI or FUNTIKI1 (Char oTRAVAo is on FUNTIKI accoun 100% very old char and acc from the times before DDS) CharNames : MisterWeeDy or WeeDyWiz or oTRAVAo .... Mail for Ternopil is sure [email protected] , other acc`s can be registered on [email protected] [email protected] Thx.
  2. Awww ****ing Jon making his stupid things again.I wish to live in USA , meet Jon and kill this batch

  3. I got my accounts back but all items gone.

  4. ei bro <_< got ur items back? coz i still not got my acc T_T

  5. Yeh ;D Pass me sum!

  6. Your 47VB (PK) for my 47VB (EX). Do you accept my offer?

  7. U want trade PK for Ex or no?

  8. My TGTB in EX for u ODW + 20vb in PK

  9. dude @who2 popcorn in ex

  10. Soo u need many weed? xD /gg

  11. Hey Dude....Its Me oTRAVAo

  12. Check your pm man :P

  13. xDDD mEeeN if u From Ukraine I can gift u many weed easy!!!!! Or if u come to ukraine in the Summer or 2 month after summer its like moths calling outm somethin like this! Season!

    u may PM me or Pm on forum Cme to Ukraine/Ternopil and i will get u so many weed oh fck dont know this word on very very very fcking many weed!!!!

  14. weed man! Gimmeh weed man! xD