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  2. IGN: Malevolent~
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  4. What Position do you apply for - GameMaster First Name - Daniel Ingame Name - Malevolent Facebook Name - Daniel Augusto Nuñez Ogando Age - 23 Mother language - Español English knowledge - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 13 Years ( Xilero PK, Ex, Ez, Os) Time playing XileRO OS - 13months Other abilities - Translations, Organizing / Administrating, Database/SQL knowledge. Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - hello I want to be gm for different reasons, one of them is to help the community of xilero in any problem that comes up, another reason is that I can interact with people from different countries because I know languages like Spanish, English and Portuguese. I also want to expand my creativity with this community, making the best events and keeping the active people always, also helping the other gms with some of their tasks in order to free them from burdens. (Leave me a text here, introduce yourself, show me why you're the perfect guy for that position) hello my name is Daniel, I'm 23 years old I'm finishing the medical profession at the university, now I have more free time to devote to the server. I think I'm the right person, well I've been playing in this community for 13 years, from PK, EX, EZ, OS, LR. I know a lot about this server I know many people here, who could question me. I do not have enemies, I do not create conflicts with anyone, I think that security is part of success. Here I leave a phrase that I like very much for reflection: passion is what makes us exist, what motivates us to do something, to make it happen, to do it well, to get that detail that nobody sees, that desire to do, that sense of belonging that we have for something, that is the passion, if what you do not love you has no sense, you will not do well. happy new year, have a good time