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  1. If I recall correctly, traps of mobs dont damage other mobs, see gef_dun02 for instanc where Marionette damages the other mobs.
  2. When checking whodrops witherless rose, one sees that Obeaune has a 100% drop rate. But when farming it is clear that the drop rate is not 100%. EDIT: Now it displays 90% which still does not seem correct, I just killed 100 and got 46 witherless roses, this suggests a drop rate of ~45% so half the displayed one.
  3. When farming 200 Uber Coins via Uber Pouches one can get the Backpack immediately by exchanging (the coins) directly. Farming for another 1000 Uber Points is fruitless. If you go about this as a donator, you have 4000 Uber Points and would lose value immediately, since it is obtainable via Uber Pouches for less cost.
  4. Currently at @go 3 it costs 200 Uber Coins which exchanged would be 3000 Uber Points. The backpack however costs 4000 Uber Points, I think changing it to 3000 Uber Points makes more sense.
  5. Hello, I pressed cancel when the menu popped up, but didn't get the scroll back unfortunately. This may be unintuitive or unexpected either way, what do you think?
  6. Hello, the ribbon does not add to the stats. Even without the transformation it should give +2 AGI I think.
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  12. Your dong very well on the bot hunting man,we need more people like you.

  13. Whats ur IGN on xilero?

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