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  1. hello this guide is out of date , just talk to the cat on Eden HQ pay 50k zeny for access to the new world then you can skip all step. would be great if you put screenshot on XileRO original client . and put the ref link that look like from irowiki. thanks
  2. Hello XileRO YoonJunho here as Ranger White Wing Suits [1] Very important Armor for Ranger Class for Arrow Storm or Warg Build. every refinement of White Wing Suit will give you more ranged attack. here my video journey in XileRO from x54 +4 White Wing Suit to +7. HOW MANY White Wing Suit survive ?? Lets watch the Video
  3. Selling Amon Ra Card for 700 Uber Coin / 10k Uber Cash PM on Signature thanks
  4. Hello XileRO player 3 days im here most of people dont know about Mora Quest that really important because high-end gears come from Mora Coin Exchange, so i decide share my Ragnarok Offline Video do that Quest Quest : Wandering Guardian Instance : Hazy Forest Reward : Access Mora Quest / Mora Daily Quest Benefit : Can gain Mora Coin and exchange to good gears or use to enchant the gears Client : rAthena Offline kRO client Guide Language on video : Indonesia (sorry about that) I will record video on XileRO LR Client later and make the english version
  5. Hello Everyone I love Ragnarok Online with renewal System. Glad to hear Xilero open new Renewal Server. Gonna play this one. IGN : YoonJunho Job : Ranger Good Luck !