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  1. Hello Dude, add me on facebook, [email protected]

  2. Check again your Email dude,

  3. Check your email .

  4. Check your Gmail ~

  5. rohan u there ?? can u help me ?

  6. No comments ~

  7. 200 USD + WU Fees for Omni+ helios

    200 USD + WU fees for Exe gas+ Helios + extra items


    Add me on facebook for more info ... [email protected]

  8. hello sir. I'm from France, i would like to donate for an exegas/omni and helios. Can you please give me an afordable price. Thanks

  9. bro, we need help for deal. we're in go 10

  10. i was just cheking


  11. go take ur vacation hobo =P

  12. hey, nice job with the Tradeable and Non-tradeable thread.

  13. its fine i don't have any problem.

  14. Well i come to kriem all woe isn't it ? and about Stan you should ask him.

    but "instant death" in kriem i really dont like... which is no fun at all but still i come there alone isn't it, just to try a luck :P