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  1. I'm glad you like it
  2. Of this class you could say many things, but I will base on detailing each of the characteristics that move this character. I have heard many say that there are some compilations listed to the use of this character, but that so far have not found concrete information on basic status and skill for Doram Oh, ask. Is it a type of magic that needs a lot of Intelligence and Dexterity like Warlock for example or does it need STR, Dex and Vitality as Rune Knight? I know you do not even know what statistics you need to focus on Doram. Dorams are a playable race, separate from humans or the other classes we already know. Each of them starts as a Summoner class, and does not advance to any other class. They can reach a maximum of Base level 175 and Level of work 50. The Dorams are special, since their skill set is ramified to cover the offensive and support, as well as disadvantages and tanks, which makes them extremely versatile in combat depending on their development. In addition, they are considered a Gross Little race instead of Media or Demihumana, which means they have a certain advantage in PvP environments. Well, they will ask themselves and in terms of skills. What skills are built? Doram skills are divided into four categories: • Basic abilities. • skills based on the sea. • Skills on land and • Life-based skills. The basic skills are those in which each Doram will spend its first 9 points, while the skills based on sea, land and life are three independent branches of skills. Each branch ends in a special passive ability that increases the efficiency of the skills within the branch, when enough points have been invested in it. What to equip after I already know how to build? Well the Dorams have some unique sets of equip. At the lower levels, they can use rookie or equip for all classes as any other class, but at higher levels, their options revolve primarily around Doram's unique armor and accessory set. The most basic or best-known private Doram armor set can be purchased at the Doram Store in Prontera. What are the types of status to build a doram? Well this is the most important point to discuss, since you can build three form and return it hybridized in two ways. Depending on this player and server. 1. Physical construction. 2. magical construction. 3. support construction. 4. physical and magical construction. 5. Magical construction and support. 6. Physical construction and support. In physical construction Although this construction has some AoE, its main focus is single-objective DPS. His most relevant statistics are STR and DEX. Although the ATK increases with STR, the damage inflicted by the abilities is varied, which means that any distance damage multiplier also helps with a DPS. The main drawbacks of this compilation are its small amount of sP and a considerably weak AoE due to its long cooldown. What are the counter. Regarding Main Skills. All offensive abilities in these include damage, scale with the STR, DEX, ATK and take the weapon element; For example, it is great to have an Archbishop who uses Aspersio to convert some skills into sacred elements against the undead. Among the skills are. 1. Picky Peck The main damage ability of this construction, its damage is doubled if it is used against a target with 50% or less of HP. This ability can also double mold with a certain possibility depending on its base level. The main problem is the global delay 1 that you receive in each use, but this can be easily ignored by having a Bragi at the party. 2. Arclouse Dash. A very strong buff that gives the Summoner up to +40 AGI in the maximum range and a momentum of movement speed, perfect when it is eaten, flees or simply moves 3. Lunatic Carrot Beat: This construction has only the area damage ability, it has a very fast launch time and its damage is good, but it has a great cooling that makes this skill very disappointing, but it can still be useful for eliminate waves of weaker monsters. Regarding secondary skills. As the Summoner's maximum JobLevel is 50, this allows you to dig a little deeper into the skills of the other 2 constructions. Here is a list of the most relevant you could have: 1. Tuna party. This ability is a very strong shield that equals 50% of the maximum HP in range 5, which allows you to accumulate large amounts of damage and can even be used with allies. 2. Bunch of shrimp. This we and the entire party + 10% of ATK and MAg ATK, a surprisingly underestimated benefit that ends up helping a lot. 3. Silvervine root twist. A root capacity of 15 strong segmentation points that makes any affected target unable to move. As for the equip. Equipment The main things that are looked for in this construction are elements that increase the str, what has Atk relation and distance damage. So keep in mind that Doram weapons for levels 100 and above must be refined to at least +8 before having any kind of relevant damage Error when playing with the doram is that there is not a 100% safe guide in this class. All go through leveling experience and available gears. Well in all the places I've searched to see if there are more people who inquire or know more about this breed than I do, which is totally strange that there are no guides made by anyone for this ragnarok community, and see that no one seems to He knows something about Doram ... there are only random discussions. I explain this and I give a simple example to take an idea. STR, vitality and DEX for rank, if it is of Dps. INT, vitality and DEX for magical or support. AGI depending on the construction. For my part I hope to give the Thanks to the hero that could illuminate the darkness of inexperience With this class. in terms of status This doram is the best support for the defense of a castle, party because of its good DEX, easily keeps buffeados to his guild or party partners. And it can heal the emperium quickly when it has been damaged. * States of Doram lvl 99 (Full Support). STR 1 AGI 1 VIT 80 INT 80 DEX 80 LUK 1 * States of Doram lvl 175. STR 1 AGI 1 VIT 80 INT 160 DEX 120 LUK 1 1. Skills to climb. New Basic Skill 1/1 Bite 1/1 Hide 1/1 Soratch 3/3 Stoop 1/1 Lope 3/3 2. Skills to climb. Power of Land 1/1 Silvervine Stem Spear 5/5 Catnip Powdering 4/5 Catnip Meteor 4/5 Silverine Root Tiwst 3/5 3. Skills to climb. Power of Sea 1/1 Tuna Belly 5/5 Tuna Party 5/5 Bunch of Shrimp 5/5 Fresh Shrimp 5/5 Equip Pvp. Elegant Doram Suit (slot 1) Agav Card or Banshee Master Card Elegant Doram Manteau (Slot 1) raydric card Elegant Doram Shoes (Slot 1) Sohee Card, Gold Acidus Card , Firelock Soldier Card, Eggyra Card or Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Greater Tuna Talisman (Slot 1) Muka Card Greater Tuna Talisman (Slot 1) Muka Card Exquisite Foxtail Model (Slot 2) hydra Cursed mad Bunny all refined as much as possible This is excellent defending castles without counting that good in almost everything. When you use picky With this skill is transformed into a powerful warrior layers to massacre the most resistant, few enemies can withstand this devastating attack. * Doram States 175 (Destuctor). STR 155 AGI 1 VIT 114 INT 90 DEX 130 LUK 1 1. Skills to climb. New Basic Skill 1/1 Bite 1/1 Hide 1/1 Soratch 3/3 Stoop 1/1 Lope 3/3 2. Skills to climb. Power of Life 1/1 Scar of Tarou 5/5 Picky Peck 5/5 Arclouse Dash 3/5 Lunatic Carrot BeatS 5/5 3. Skills to climb. Silvervine Stem Spear 5/5 Tuna Belly 4/5 Tuna Party 3/5 Bunch of Shrimp 3/5 Fresh Shrimp 3/5 Equip Pvp. Elegant Doram Suit (slot 1) Agav Card, Egnigem Cenia Card, Karakasa Card, Loli Ruri Card, Picky Card or Porcellio Card Elegant Doram Manteau (Slot 1) raydric card Elegant Doram Shoes (Slot 1) Sohee Card, Gold Acidus Card , Firelock Soldier Card, Eggyra Card or Fallen Bishop Hibram Card Greater Tuna Talisman (Slot 1) Muka card Chubby Earthworm Talisman (Slot 1) Berzebub Card, Ifrit Card, Smokie Card or Mantis Card Exquisite Yelow Foxtail Model (Slot 2) hydra Cursed mad Bunny all refined as much as possible
  3. hola gente este es un video del nuevo server de xilero... espero que le guste. Hello, this is a video of the new xilero server ... I hope you like it.
  4. recluta

    REGLAS DEL GUILD es necesario tener normas que mantengan a nuestros queridos miembros en la raya. Normas básicas: 1. El Mínimo semanal de contribución es un item de equipo o 2 item de uso de refinamiento. 2. Estar en Discord siempre que sea posible, ver las publicaciones en este y es necesario en dungeo, eventos, pvp, pve, mvp y guerras de clanes. Ya que es difícil escribir e ir jugando. 3. Participar en todos los eventos de que Guild que sean posibles. 4. Tener respeto a los demás miembros de la Guild y tratar de ser correcto a la hora de hablar en discord o en ambos casos escribir. 5. Tra tar de no tener discordias con los demás, ya que somos una comunidad y tenemos que hacer del juego una experiencia agradable. 6. No dejar compañeros de guild en medio de un Evento, Dungeon o PvP/ PvE/MvP. Los miembros más viejos tienen que tratar de llevar un ritmo que los nuevos puedan llevar. 7. 6 Meses offline sin previo aviso de la ausencia y sin mensajes por discord o por algún otro miembro será expulsión por inactividad con un regreso directo cuando se vuelva a ser activo, también este debe de mandar un mensaje para avisar de su deseo de volver. Estaremos a gusto de volver a tenerte de nuestro lado. 8. Si piensas que no puedes con la carga de estas normas, eres libre de darle a Leave Guild. Quién no cumpla estas normas, se le avisará tres veces con un mensaje privado como: 1º aviso simple o de modo blanco (significa no conocimiento). 2º aviso de modo verde (significa con comienzo de conocimiento). 3 º aviso de modo amarillo (significa conocimiento y ignoracion de toda regla). 4 º ante otra falta se reunirán los moderadores y líder del gremio y se decidirá qué hacer, dando una semana de ajuste y si no es posible será expulsión sin justificasion.