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  1. He asked all my security passwords
  2. Dear GM and Support team in XileroPK I would like to request a report about my id in xilero, the current account now has been changed email and password by Umesh. Details of my Id: lemuria25 username old password i use :cosmicrunes24 characters Jan The Majestic. Items : Donny Crown and Aura + Secret wing I have screenies only umesh have access to my account. Umesh asked me about my security in xileroPk because he wants to play he said his id was banned. He said he will move my character i have screenshots i never thought he will change my account email password. Support Ph and Indo knows my problem and they are willing to help me. If you need other proof im willing to lend my id in facebook all conversation with me and umesh. Thanks!!! Jan The Majestic Old Player Of XilePK