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  1. Multinational Guild. Majority are asian players. Indonesian, Pinoy/Pinay, Spanish, Portuguese. Pack of friends ; (or former enemy lol) from XileRO EX. Merging into one guild, play n have fun together.
  2. Dear Admin @Xile or @Kayru please unban my account.. GM Rhile banned me for botting... i bot to level up this char.. cuz i'm working from 8 am to 8 pm, i don't really have the time to level up my toon... just check the level of the char.. its not even 255 yet.. i know its my fault.. i won't bot again.. i forgot what was the exact name of the char.. but the name should be something with "Nightcrawler" in it please help. regards. edit: banned today around 11 to 12 pm server time.