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  1. XILERO BG FULL PATCHED DOWNLOAD - 2.79gb This is a fully patched and full version of XileroBG for those who are having a problem to their client (i.e. uber shop unknown item). Updated and upload as of September 21, 2018
  2. What Position do you apply for - GM Lvl 60 or Head/General International Support First Name - Mikey Ingame Name - Miel Mk I Facebook Name - Mikey Due Age - 27 Mother language - Tagalog English knowledge - Mid-Advance (8 out of 10) Years of XileRO Experience - Since 2007 on and off Time playing XileRO BG - 3 months? (At least 12hrs online daily) Other abilities - Organizing / Administrative, Resourceful and a good listener/helper to those who are confused, newbies, and complaints. Why do I want to become InterSup: I was a GM in OS and i wanna continue my service in BG, monitor the server, make events, give out lots of prizes and spoil the players (Lol).. I wanna support the staff to deal with the players with their game inquiry, donation inquiry, complaints, errors, bugs, etc., if in case GM’s are not around. share inputs provided by the community to make the server awesome. In short, i want to become the bridge between the staff and the players. As the position name suggest (GM Lvl 60 or Head / General International Support), I want to cover all nationalities, not only for Filipino. Language is not a barrier these days cause of our technology. I've done it once. Just need a little patience and understanding. Good luck to all the applicants. May the odds be ever in your favor..
  3. Please post your offer and leave your in-game name so I can PM you. Note: OBO = or best offer Trading Only: +20 Temporal Str Boots = +20 Temporal Luk Boots Selling: +10/11 Crimson Saber = 180ub.coins OBO Crimson Bow = 150ub.coins Temporal Dex Boots = 150ub.coins Ifrit Card = 300ub coins OBO Fallen Bishop Card = 300ub.coins OBO Catch me in-game: @who2 Miel Mk I or just who2 Miel
  4. Hi, kindly follow these steps to fix it: 1. Go to XileRO BG Folder 2. Delete these files: xileroBG.exe, xileroBGpatcher.Exe and xilerodata.dat 3. Download these files on this link: 4. Extract the files 5. Copy and paste the file in XileRO BG folder. Hope this will help. If it doesn’t fixed your error kindly inform us. Thanks. - by GM Wasaru
  5. XileRO OS Server Patch Update Date: 24th February 2018 XileRO OS server upgrade has finished. Everyone can now enjoy a better and more stable server for all. Be sure to update your XileROOS before playing! If you have any issues updating, please install this patch. Download Link Download File: XileROOSPatch (2).exe
  6. Number 7 has already been taken by ~WuLf. Please choose another number --- Giving him #1 --- - Aldrich -
  7. I believe this is for the Guild forum making. Gonna close this thread now.
  8. DRAGON INVASION EVENT The world of Humans is on the verge of destruction as Dragons plans to invade the Midgard. King Tristan Gaebold III (Age of Gods) received an information from a scout that the King of Dragons have awoken from sleep and declared a war to Humans. Humans deliberately attack and kill the dragons for power, and leave them no choice but to revolt in order to survive and save their race. Dragons will invade a City where humans learns magic skills, The City of Magic. King Tristan seeks aid from the brave warriors and hunters to defend the City and chase out the Dragons. Ironically, the City of Magic is protected from all the magic users hence only physical attacks is the only way to kill the Dragons. Kill them and collect the Scale of Fire Dragon as proof of being a dragon slayer. Find the King of Dragons and get special loots. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When: February 25, 2018, Sunday, 8:30 Server Time. Where: City of Magic Who: Non-magic jobs (Physical Attack Only) i.e. Snipers, Assassins, Lord Knights, Paladins, etc. One lucky winner will have the chance to get special rewards which is part of a certain quest. Note: It is recommended to come on time and pay attention to the story line that will be broadcast during the event. There will be some clues and magic words needed to complete and win the event. Good Luck and Have Fun~~
  9. XileRO OS Server Patch Update Date: 14th February 2018 You MUST update your XileRO OS client before Feb 15 2018 in order to play properly! If you have any problems with your XileRO OS Patcher, please install this patch, it will fix everything. Download File: XileROOSPatch.exe
  10. Hi, This has already been reported and under review. Thank you for sharing to us your insights. I am now closing this thread.
  11. Hi, this is already under review and investigation. I am now closing this thread.
  12. Filipino Translation Rules sa pag-report ng no-delay users o ano man kahina-hinalang pandaraya: 1. I-record lamang ang laro gamit ang Bandicam o ano man klase ng recording software na gusto nyo. Hindi namin tatanggapin ang mga larong na-record gamit lamang ang mobile phone. 2. I-upload and na-record na video sa youtube upang mapag-aralan ng mga Game Masters at Admin. 3. Kailangan malinaw and video at kita ang pangalan ng character na ini-rereport nyo. Steps kung paano i-download at gamitin ang Bandicam: Step 1. I-download ang Bandicam sa sa pamamagitan ng pag-pindot sa "Free Download" button. Step 2. Pagkatapos i-download, install ito sa inyong computer. Pindutin ang Bandicam Icon sa inyong Desktop. Step 3. Pindutin ang Screen recorder button at piliin ang Game Recording Mode. Itsura ng Game Recoding Mode: Itsura ng Screen Sharing Recorder Step 4. Pindutin ang record button upang umpisahan ang recording. Step 5. Pagkatapos mag-record, puntahan ang folder kung saan ito na-save or pindutin ang "FOLDER" icon sa mismong Bandicam Panel. Makikita din ito sa "C:\Users\Computer Name\Documents\Bandicam" o sa "My Documents". Yun lang. Maraming Salamat.
  13. XileRO OS Server Patch Update Date: 26th January 2018 "Everyone please make sure to run your patcher. In case you can't because of the "failed to get patchlist.txt" error - Download this and add it manually to your Data folder. If you don't have a Data folder yet - Just copy it there, no need to do anything else. I highly recommend to make a backup of the old Data folder before replacing any files." - GM Kayru Download Link: or Download this file here: data.rar
  14. 22 IGN: Miel Mk I
  15. What Position do you apply for - GameMaster First Name - Mike Ingame Name - Gustav/Miel Mk I Facebook Name - Mikey Due Age - 26 Mother language - Filipino English knowledge -Mid-Advance (8 out of 10) Years of XileRO Experience - 10-11years (On and Off) Time playing XileRO OS - 4 months Other abilities - Organizing / Administrating / Researcher Why do you want to become GM) - I've been into many servers but i keep coming back in XileRO. I want to help the server to get more players like it used to be. This server needs someone who has tons of time to advertise the server in social medias (fb, tweeter) and recruit players. Not only supporting players in game. Will give ideas to the tech support staff for new mini games/battle ground in server. Active AF and can be an on call GM (in case you need a support for hosting an impromtu event on server). I may not be the perfect GM but i’ll do my best to be the right GM for the Server. ☺️