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  1. Rework Npc enchanter, can now clear enchants -Not breaking items anymore when fail -Refine levels remain still Fixed Fixed spiked scarf, now gives ATK +30 Kitsune bell can now change into moonlight when receive physical attack Wand of hermode skill is now working Fixed refine scroll ( it's no longer disappearing when hit cancel buttom ) Fixed slow grace ( removed effect when enemy die ) Buffed Asura strike change gap damage to 200k Changes Disable all non woe potions during woe ex ( ygg's ) Max storage reduced to 600 items Removed @where for player Nerfed all 5 boss monsters in Unholy Path Added some new kro items and mobs In progress ... Fixing EDP ( removing extra damage to meteor assault ) Fixing Spiral Pierce damage Fixing Full Protection ( allowing full protection to cast on the target, when stripped ) Fixing Oni horn's Cross impact ( reducing damage ) Fixing Battleground ( disconnecting when the event is done ) Fixing Stats Calculation Coming soon ... Shadow gears refiner . Weapon Npc quest . Color name scrolls .
  2. fixed