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  1. The player in screen shot was using bot or AFK status. He was standing at one pointing and doing continues storm gust. No talk. As this play or bot was continues doing storm gust, I cannot thrown him out BG as "@reportafk". I saw him doing this several matches on diff days. I have taken two different screen shot. Which is attached. Date - 15 October 2017. Time 04:18 server time. Now (i.e. seen that day till today 20 Oct.) I donot see this name player in BG. May be he create new player on that ID so can use that BG points. Kindly do the needful to keep BG game spirit. Thanks for listening. I will keep reporting on BG bot players who do like this. Thanks BG AFK reporting.docx
  2. Is there any locked to complete the quest? I am getting this message. I checked almost all spots this message is appearing. Need support to understand this.