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  1. Hi, Clone PVP events started long back that time GS was very rare so final prize after killing 42 nos, of clone was +20. As game upgrade with other events prize in GS (such as Dice 45GS, Zombie 75GS, etc) but Clone PVP has same prize but its still has same difficulties not easy to complete 42 for Pset holder and below. Suggestion 1) Increase final prize to +200 2) Each level crossing 1GS, every 10 level cross bonus of +10 GS So players can participate for getting good amount of GS.
  2. Hi, We have different types of events which is auto pop in certain intervals. The timing and actually current active events does not match with the "Event Scheduler" information point. Suggestions - 1) Event Scheduler Information need to be updated regularly. At present not matching. 2) Shift the location to nearer to Starter pack npc so new comerer can easily find events timing. 3) Some events required minimum 2 players....but some does not..make the same for all..If 1 player "IN" start the events give benefits to "online players" who participate. 4) Make monthly ranking for these individual events with minimum score points for eligible ( as eg. maze run happens 4 times in day means 30*4=120 times in month so eligible criteria minimum 10 wins) and give attractive prize for 1st three ranks (may be in GS and Costume box) to attract more players participation and one good prize for overall "Event Master" (from all events combine ranking) of the month. It encourage more players participation in events. Give this prize as account base as many times players use different character online from that account 5) Need Endless Tower information more (eg. expected drops from different levels, MVP information at different levels, etc.), currently only mouth to mouth by players. For new players create information 1) Initial guilde "How to play" with basic command information. 2) Character building information with equipment can use. 3) Maps for leveling up. 4) Current major Guild names with their Guild leader names for joining 5) Woe information (how to join) with wining benefits ( such as WOE points, guild salary, PC, ET, SB, etc.)
  3. Now today 24-11-2020, I started playing after al,pst 4 year gap and join back guild last week. I played almost all woe, I got set - sliver helios set and 15th generation weapon from guild other from starter pack. (nightmare armor, Guardian boots, nightmare shield, nightmare manteau, cathedral seal(2)). is this from box ? or different item ? Is this promotion still ON? If yes, how can I get promotion box ?
  4. The player in screen shot was using bot or AFK status. He was standing at one pointing and doing continues storm gust. No talk. As this play or bot was continues doing storm gust, I cannot thrown him out BG as "@reportafk". I saw him doing this several matches on diff days. I have taken two different screen shot. Which is attached. Date - 15 October 2017. Time 04:18 server time. Now (i.e. seen that day till today 20 Oct.) I donot see this name player in BG. May be he create new player on that ID so can use that BG points. Kindly do the needful to keep BG game spirit. Thanks for listening. I will keep reporting on BG bot players who do like this. Thanks BG AFK reporting.docx
  5. Is there any locked to complete the quest? I am getting this message. I checked almost all spots this message is appearing. Need support to understand this.