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  1. Happy Birthdayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    salu2 TiZZa-TrYtO

  2. yea, was great weather today... :D

  3. Ohh I see. Well, we're having a nice weather here, since monday. Very sunny! :3

  4. im in Blois... :D its soon to be rainy though... kinda sad... :(

  5. xD -pats-

    The weather is kinda better if you go south.

    I'm visiting my family and here the sun is shining. :3

  6. you are right Madam, It is very cold and rainy... X.X

  7. kk thanks... ill take note

  8. Very windy & rainy, unfortunatly. >:

  9. chyea chyea... im so excitedddd!! how is the weather now a days?

  10. Ohh, Paris. Lucky you. >:

    And omg, a photography trip? WTF. Lol

  11. Mainly Paris for a photography / art trip... but also a couple other places, cant think of the places at the moment tho

  12. Oh really?! Where exactly are you going?

  13. i is coming to france next week

  14. 4 days ago. I was adding u as friend :D

  15. wa? im confuzzled