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  1. At least I'm not the only old man who lurks here every now and then.
  2. YEH

    Player has been blocked for third party programs.
  3. Account was blocked for multiple bots.
  4. Unfortunately this screen shot proves nothing. It only shows us that a deal was discussed, nothing after that. Everyone by now should know that you don't trust a stranger, this person owes you nothing and has no reason to not scam you. Unfortunately, there's a lot of scum that play online games. Let this be a harsh lesson. If you can provide more proof we'd be glad to block him.
  5. In what world is that not an edited screenshot? Please read the rules before making a report next time. Obviously this thread is going nowhere, so it's going to be closed.
  6. I was not the one who banned you, however I was there to witness the bots. There were several buff bots, and your IP was linked to some of them. @Kayru is the one who blocked you, and the decision was and is his.
  7. Edited screenshots are not allowed, also needs to show more lines than this. It looks like it's from both sides. Please post the unedited screenshots and provide more lines of text if possible.
  8. Account has been unblocked, please report back if there are any issues, and we highly suggest changing your password to a nice and secure one please.
  9. Account was found, no bans on record. Will forward this to a higher up so they can handle the rest.
  10. Name seems to not exist, however Naften does, but only one account is under that IP, and nothing by the name of Kirou. Can you think of a different name? It has to be exact.
  11. Account was linked to an IP with multiple bots.
  12. It's your ping to the server, you're very far away. I'd suggest making a pingzapper account and then try and play, you should notice a big change.
  13. What's the issue here? Are you talking about your high ping? Players are able to lower their ping using third party programs (ping zapper, WTFast). Or are you talking about your internet running slow?
  14. Don't see any ban reasons for that account, will forward to an admin for further help.
  15. Talked to the player, was told his was messing around with his friends. Was given a warning, if caught again will be taken care of. Thank you for your report.