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  1. What Position do you apply for - Inter Sup PH / GM First Name - AngeliIngame Name - AngeliFacebook Name - Angeli Gayle CastroAge - 19Mother language – Filipino and EnglishEnglish knowledge - AdvancedYears of XileRO Experience - since 2010 (on and off but became constant in Xilero OS and joined PK too)Time playing XileRO BG - 1 month (Since the very start :D)Other abilities - Translations, Organizing / Administrating, Event OrganizingWhy do you want to become InterSup PH / GM - I want to become an IS for the Filipino community because I wish to dedicate my efforts in organizing fun and innovative events. I can reach out to the players who have questions regarding the game such as leveling up places, where to find items and etc. I can also report errors or bugs in game that I may or others find to my fellow staff and try my best to be accessible to Xile BG players so they can reach me conveniently. I'm also willing to make guides in completing a quest and posting it in this forum. In conclusion, I want to make this server livelier and exciting as much as I can in my own ways and capabilities.
  2. 19 for me please! Wish me luck ❤
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  5. What Position do you apply for - Inter Sup Filipino First Name - Angeli Ingame Name - Angeli Facebook Name - Angeli Gayle Castro Age - 18 Mother language - Filipino English knowledge - Advanced Years ofExperience - 5 years Time playin XileRO OS - 5 months Other abilities - Organizing, Translating, Administrative, Photoshop skills (just a bit) Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - I want to become a Filipino International Support because I'm willing to help this server and recruit more players as much as I could. As well as guiding the new players who'll be joining this server. I'm an active player and everyone can approach or ask help from me as long as they speak in English or Filipino. I can also be online everyday in the game for the players' inquiries. I also have the ability to manage events and make this server much active or fun. Lastly, I can help the staffs or the admins as well for some suggestions or anything else as long as it's a part of my job.
  6. 21435 Ign: Angeli ❤