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  1. #10 please IGN: Senpuki
  2. Yo, try to use this command, then farm. @autoloot 1.5 The quest is a lot different than it used to be. Yes, it is working fine. If you still got any question(s) just ask or find Power Ranger Blue Aldrich @who2 Senpuki
  3. Sure, no problem Just pm me whenever you're having problem with the function keys ( since they are a little bit different than usual ) @who2 Senpuki
  4. Thanks dude. Your guide and tips are much appreciated Are you the "Maicon" who once gave a headache in each and every guild in XileRO Main around 2007-2010? If so, well it's good to see yah around ~
  5. Download xilero full installer. Download "Winebottler". Link is in the description of the video Then watch this hope it helps you ~ @who2 Senpuki
  6. Anong oras ang woe sa Pinas, ngayong nag tapos na ang DST? Ako'y nagugulumihanan sapagkat ang oras sa server ay 6:25 ng umaga, samantalang ang oras naman ng ikaunang WoE ay 17:00 - 18:00. Kung aking susumahin iyan ay sasakto sa oras na Alas Siyete ( 7:00 am ) ng umaga oras sa Pinas. Ngunit walang anunsyo dine sa Forums. Makikilinaw po sapagkat sadyang napaka gulo. Ako ay una nang nagpappasalamat ngayon pa lamang sa makakabasa nito, at sa mag bibigay pansin sa kagulumihanang ito. Salamat sa kinauukulan. ~
  7. Hello! Is there anyone here using a stalker ( the one who breaks emp ) in WoE? If so, teach me senpai! If you can tell what Items and cards to use is much appreciated
  8. Kindly create a new character and go to Prontera ( @go 0 ) go left of the Fountain and click the Clown NPC. Choose the character's name that is experiencing GE. Then the rest is for you to figure out p.s: If you see a Blue guy with pipe, kindly ask for his assistance. He is more that glad to help yah ~ IGN : Senpuki
  9. These following items are either for sale or open for trades: +0 / +4 Neptune set ~ +10 LDS +10 DDs ~ ~ ~ As for the Neptune set, I will only accept any +0 / +4 Token set with DW + VBs. ~ ~ ~ Buying List ~ +0 or +4 Dowry set = Just Offer ~ That's all guys. Just Leave your Offer(s) ~ @who2 Senpuki
  10. #13 Please GM Vexxy ~ IGN : Senpuki