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  1. waiting...... @Kayru
  2. Nop i dont share it with any one, i some times login frm my android device to create chat box and for trading purpose when im not at home.
  3. kindly do smthing abt this please. i cannot do anything in game, no 3 v 3 no unholy
  4. they tp out immediately frm mid prontera after every 3 v 3 round. and he says selling vb 50 M zeny
  5. Today morning when i logged into the game i couldnt see the DDW in my ALT+Q it was blank, but i was able to see the DDW on my chara. SInce the item was invisble in the ALt+Q i tried to equip EMPset thinking that DDW would come back to inventory but unfortunately it is totally gone now, not in storage or in any other chara of mine. GM please check what has happend. IGN --Artour-- ppl are taking advantage of my absence in unholy. RIP DDW. i cannot reach fast without endure. please do smthing asap abt my DDW. im waiting. Thanks
  6. #26 IGN = --Artour--