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  1. Halooo mampir uga
  2. Interesting Applications so far!! Goodluck guys!! Looking forward to work with you
  4. bro XileRO BG's Rsolution can't be change I want to play using smaller Resolution can you help?

  5. Finally The Rising Sun is here in my profile song! :D 

  6. first of all which server is this? for PK all of them is in the Job Changer NPC , simply make a new character and level it up as novice> merchant > blacksmith > reborn > novice > high merchant > whitesmith. after being a whitesmith dont speak to the NPC anymore and voila youre a WS now, dont forget to reset stats after ur 255 to get additional stats <PK> if this is for LR then i didnt know since I dont play on LR
  7. The only thing you can do is situation is wait for it to respond, or go to task manager > end task xilero / end process xilero. I got this problem too and that is the only thing I did, in a few mins it will be up and be normal
  8. XileRO O.S. Weekly Lottery (Feb.16 - Mar. 3, 2018) Hello! XileRO Community, are you guys up for some forum events? Well then, lets start things out with a weekly lottery. WHAT TO DO? just choose a number from 1 to 50. And the first three (3) numbers picked by the number generator wins. I will use the random number generator attached below to decide who wins for this week's lottery. RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR WHAT CAN I GET? Winners can have the following prizes: 1st Prize: 50 VICTORY BADGES 2nd Prize: 50 VICTORY BADGES 3rd Prize: 50 VICTORY BADGES RULES!! 1. ONE NUMBER FOR EACH FORUM ACCOUNT ONLY! (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHEAT!) 2. YOU CANNOT EDIT / DELETE ONCE YOU'VE ALREADY PICKED. (CHOOSE YOUR DESIRED NUMBER WISELY BEFORE CREATING A POST! EDITING MAKES YOUR PRIZE NULL AND VOID!) 3. YOU CANNOT POST FOR A FRIEND. (TELL YOUR FRIEND TO CREATE HIS/HER OWN FORUM ACCOUNT SO THAT THEY CAN JOIN AS WELL) 4. NO UNRELATED POSTS. (THIS THREAD IS NOT IN THE GENERAL CHAT, SO PLEASE POST ONLY THREAD RELATED MATTERS) 5. MAKE SURE TO PUT UR IGN (IN GAME NAME) IN YOUR POST. (IN CASE YOU WON THE EVENT, IT WOULD BE EASIER TO FIND YOU IN GAME.) This is an example on how it works : In this case , 23, 29 and 2 are the winners! NUMBER LIST 1. Report-Man 2. 3. Rekk 4. 5. 6. 7. ~WuLf 8. Lootsssss 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Marques_ 14. 15. 16. Death Threat 17. 18. 19. Angeli 20. 21. 22. Black_Sofia 23. 24. TNG Banker 25. Roronoa Zoro 26. 27. Ban Ryu 28. Rudy CooL 29. quaylennao 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. Reckless Hunter 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. ~HuggiesBoMm~ 49. 50. Note: This Thread will be Closed at 2 March 2018 10:00 server time. Gong Xi Fat Chai Wan Shi Ru Yi ! Good luck!
  9. Welcome to the Amaterasu Set Guide. Quest Warper : prontera 148 164 you will be teleported to : mag_dun01 48 155 in there speak to the Amaterasu NPC Burning Heart (7097) : You Can find Burning Heart in Monsters such as Explosion ,Blazer & Lava Golem you can find the item in mag_dun01 Lava (7096) : You can find Lava in the monster Lava Golem , you can find the item in mag_dun01, in the game it is called Hardened Lava Live Coal (7098) : You can find Live Coal in the monster Blazer , you can find the item in mag_dun01 or mag_dun02 , in the game it is called Fire Seed Bear Footskin (948) : you can find Bear Footskin in the monster of Grizzly (mag_dun01,lou_dun01) , Bigfoot (pay_fild09,pay_fild07) , Leib Omai (gld_dun03) and Sasquatch (xmas_fild01) Flame Hearts (994) : You can find Flame Hearts from Kasa (thor_v02,thor_v03,100%) , Gajomart (gld_dun01,100%) , Marduk (in_sphinx3,52,50%),Kaho (mag_dun01,thor_v01,45%) and from MvP Drop such as Eddga(pay_fild11) and Ifrit (thor_v03) Wing of Red Bat (7006) : You can find Wing of Red Bat from Explosion (mag_dun01) or Drainiliar(alde_dun03) Fire Dragon Scale (7451) : You can get Fire Dragon Scale from Detale in abyss_03, in the game it is calle Scale of Fire Dragon. Once you got the items speak to the NPC (mag_dun01 48 155) The next Quest is you need to kill the following Monsters : Sword Guardian : you can find Sword Guardian in thor_v03 Bow Guardian : you can find Bow Guardian in thor_v02 and thor_v03 Salamander : you can find Salamander in thor_v02 and thor_v03 Kasa : you can find Kasa in thor_v02 and thor_v03 whenever you kill them you will be notified After you have collected all the souls , go back to the amaterasu : mag_dun01 48 155 In the third task you need to give him 350 Victory Badges. In the next step you need to give him Deviling Wings, Dragon Helm and Lilim Armor. you can get Dragon Helm & Lilim Armor by Questing in Azazel (prontera 157 285) and you can get the deviling wings from Badge Exchange NPC which is located at prontera 143 179 or at arena_room 113 96, it costs 11 Victory Badges. Once you have it talk to the Amaterasu NPC The next step requires you to interact with other humans. you need to WIN 30 3v3 Matches, the NPC will be on prontera 165 188. if you lose, you wont get the BoL \ Once you got the 30 Battle of Loyalty , go back to the Amaterasu NPC. And now we're on our final test. In the final task, you need to kill the monster Ifrit which is located in thor_v03 to get Essence of Fire. Whenever you kill Ifrit, you will get broadcasted. dont forget to use @autolootitem 15016! Voila! And now you will get the Amaterasu Set!!
  10. Apparently that unban Video doesnt prove anything to us. Char will be remain banned. Thread Closed.
  11. Hello @danielnunez1117 , please read our REPORTNG A NODELAY rules before posting. We do not accept mobile records anymore. Thanks
  12. Rules for Recording a Nodelay User : 1. You MUST Use A Bandicam / fraps / Other recorders which is on the PC. (WE will not ACCEPT any MOBILE RECORDS ) 2. Upload it in youtube so that we could review the nodelay user 3. Video must show your character name. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps on Recording. In case you dont know how to record, here are the steps Step 1 : download bandicam at click the free download if you want to download it for free! Step 2 : Open the bandicam Step 3 : Click the Screen Recorder Button / Game recording mode Game Recording Button Screen Sharing Recorder Step 4 : Press The REC Button and start recording. Step 5: After recording, go to the Bandicam Folder or simply click the "Folder" icon in Bandicam Control Panel. You can also check it in "C:\Users\Computer Name\Documents\Bandicam" or "My Documents". That is all & Happy Recording. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Indonesian Translation - Peraturan Merekam Pemain yang Nodelay : 1. Anda harus memakai aplikasi Bandicam / fraps / alat merekam lainnya yang disediakan dari PC. (Kita tidak menerima rekaman dari Handphone ) 2. Upload ke youtube supaya kita semua bisa memeriksa apakah dia nodelay / tidak 3. Di dalam video, anda yang melapor harus memperlihatkan nama karakter anda Cara Cara merekam video (yang seperti gambar di atas) 1. download bandicam di 2. Buka Bandicamnya. 3. Ada 2 cara untuk merekam video yaitu Game Recording Mode dan Screen Sharing Mode. Tekan hanya salah satu saja. 4. Tekan "REC" untuk memulai rekaman anda. Sekian dan Terima Kasih. 5. Setelah merekam, tekan folder bandicam atau tekan gambar "folder" icon dari Control Panel dari Bandicam. Kalian bisa mengecek rekaman anda di "C:\Users\Computer Name\Documents\Bandicam" or "My Documents".
  13. klo tanya jawab bukan di thread ini buat masalah pk pm @huan
  14. Seems like they are all macros ( the sniper and champ) And video is a bit blurry. No videos for : Gradhel champ XOChiQuetzalcoatl Lizzy Not enough for a ban. - GM Aldrich -
  15. It is the standard for android users, Android users have limited graphics since this is actually a PC Game , not an Android game. The best way to enjoy the graphics in xilero is when you play the PC Version of it.