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  1. Good hello. I started today but I'm very lost I have many doubts. I do not know anything about this new server the equipments are many varied I have no idea of what to use so come on. 1º About the monsters drop uber punch how many time for respawn this monters again every map? 2º In the Npc go 3 Called Uber Exchange Got a many items but What this item Give and Slot?? Why i will buy This item if i dont know he give Asgard Blessing, Heroic Backpack, Immune Shield, Enchanced Variant Shoes, And the Gears To. 3º Time woe website is correct? Whos the castles in woe? is type OS friday Kri,fad,Gon,? Saturday asian woe Skoe/swan? is it? 4º NPC called Shadow Maker. He got a 2 Sets (Malevolent) And (Shadow physical itens) really who is it and what he give? 5º BG max dmg . It is same from OS? Normal Attack 32k hit and max skill attack is 150k? Example Critical Attack one sniper max is 32k and One Sharp Shooter Can hit 150k? 5º Some card as been nerfed or removed or changed, or is it all the same as the original? Thanks!
  2. IGN: Kazu. Just look videos see this man dont got a delay . WhatsApp Video 2018-01-23 at 13.11.29.mp4 WhatsApp_Video_2018-01-23_at_13_11_30.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-01-23 at 13.11.31.mp4
  3. U guys know this team play go 15 BRS still abuse nodelay programs. Viper back play using champ sa set no items. Friday use [TSL] Champ now using Kuja why not ipban this guys. Kuja is viper ArrowZ Sniper Gradhel champ XOChiQuetzalcoatl Lizzy Just look spam this guys WhatsApp_Video_2018-01-22_at_15_05_45.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-01-22 at 15.05.46(1).mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-01-22 at 15.05.46.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-01-22 at 15.05.47(1).mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-01-22 at 15.05.47.mp4
  4. mhaujhuahua Its me ! <3
  5. depend many have stalker's type flee but change for bow for breaker emp, base is full agi luk for dodge vit and if u use bow some dex not many if or str if u use Knife my build stalker flee is agi 255 luk for get critical 100% dex 50 or 100 rest vit. i use bow for break emp and fire arrow
  6. se n tem pc nao?
  7. Dude when you come into play, server asks for a password sometimes, you think it's a security password but it's actually a password of your account and you put another try this password that will work. if it does not work, create an account using the game itself at loguin enter your id example gabriel_F put F = Woman, M = Men. enter your password and enter. when you log in you will ask for a password again, put the same password and you are done. !
  8. deleta esse post se mano e manda 1 privado pra adm naemia que e br que ela te ajuda ok vlw flw.
  9. First of all "ITS NOT MY ACCOUNT". i'm helping friend dont speak english NickName: Wabbit So he was not in the game for 2 weeks. Working studing. He said he was coming in now and his account is clean with nothing. It was hacked. I would like to know if there is how to help it, because it gets saved loguin and IPS of the accounts it uses ip fixed. (ADM Can check it) Before they say, He does not share account I'm not playng (Working ) but u can search him in game if can help "STAFF" Other Nick name is. Lord Kahos Horn Anyways thanks
  11. whos kayru will help you If u dont give no one info about ur acc. No one can help you , put name char or I'd account or something lo
  12. Really i dont want it, but u blocked my on group xilero i never abuse or anything on group, just post funny photos about woe.. u can remove it please..:?

  13. I know that here is not the right place but, About eventy every week 30 vb in one castle is only KRI GON FAD? or will PUT SKOE AND SWAN too? i think need put skoe swan in this event
  14. If u win Give me it, you are pk player hahaha
  15. Guield fue creado para unir a la comunidad, de latinos y amigos de todos los lugares, Todos son bienvenidos! ¡Vengan! Guild created to join friends who like to play xilero, 60% of the guild are American latins, but we have many no latins friends too. If you like woe this is the right guild. Come on !!!! Salary 1vb per woe (Depending on the economy of the castle may be higher) Point System woe ( System point create for win more vbs and godly tokens etc all (All of the castle) Weekly Lotery Event in forum guild (Weekly event worth zeny or Equips) If u want to play @go 5 Guild base
  16. Char name :Maicon ~``, Lenght ' 1 Month 20 Days You must be kidding me. Banished me for insult Everyone talks to me saying "maicon because kayru always give you ban" this is a love relationship I think "What I said was joking if you do not understand Portuguese do not go out using translator. The player Maicon kayru returned your account? Maicon : I said, no The player Why is kayru behind you? Always banishing you. Maicon :He send message in whatzap I think he likes man, i dont want fuck him The Play HAHAHAHAHA LOL!! Maicon LOL FAIL That' is joke is normal in brazil u said this type shit i still talking my friends gay fag like penis etc..
  17. You must be kidding me. Banished me for insult Everyone talks to me saying "maicon because kayru always give you ban" this is a love relationship I think "What I said was joking if you do not understand Portuguese do not go out using translator. Did you give me 1 MONTH? Wt really unban me you wrong ..

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      /kis Y love you tooo mhuauhauha really, Man, this turned into a comedy. i póst on whatzap AV about it Everyone says this is romance. hahaha lol! anyways u already said it for me . why u think i back use my nick name if i can hide? i dont need use anymore it  i just playing. i got 2 computes and use it for now just it. 

      I know you said jokingly, but you do not understand, you're not Brazilian and you do not understand the customs of jokes and the way we talk here is fine. Just think 20 days or 1 ban of 20 days on the other account is too much. Think about it. 1 day 5 days normal. Now all this is too much.

      I do not think I have to apologize because I did not do it the for bad. But I'm still sorry for your name in the conversation for a little laugh.

      I know you let me play, maybe you would have banished me forever. But I'm not a bad person, I just fucked up, it's normal. 


      Anyways thanks and if can Down this time ban, I would greatly appreciate it, I am helping AV leader now and the drop castle is on account = vb / items. I'm not lying is just looking forum I created guild salary and everything.


      By the way, I'm kidding, it's not going to mean that I'm being homophobic or anything else is normal to say gay, I love you and other things.

  18. I'm Going on vs3 with silver and other players and someone making dual or bot warp fast.. IGN Sam~* IGN Baby Boy
  19. I think it is for Spanish session bro ?
  20. what ur ign in OS  UH guild

    1. Miyabi


      I am miyabi*ningyo and `UntouchaGeL~ /no1