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  1. Russian roulette Xilero PK <3



    1. Mitsune


      Always so fun!

  2. Clone PVP Located in Prontera 149 256 , there u can farm alot of gold seals ( coin of pk server) is how it works, you need to talk with npc clone pvp, choose one arena, there you need kill 41 clones the prize for each clones is silver seal or gold seal and the last clone ill give u 20 gold seals To kill clones in clone pvp to get gs u need to use job ranger with this equips and cards • any set with centipede larva card • Grand glaiters armor with Gloom under night card •weapon with 2 abysmal knight card and 2 mandragora card • Cathedral seal with dex type • Golden shoes with dex type or Guardian boots • even need to use stone arrow • For get a bit more damage on clones, u can use magnum break skill • for get a bit more damage on clones, u can use aloevera (item 606, drop from petite 100% chance) any sugestion you can post here to improve that build for kill clones. Thank you Guys, have a good game !
  3. use this file to fix erro on ur patch xile pk, and run u patch as admin Neoncube (1).rar
  4. were working to fix all erros on android apk and get new up for this.
  5. use this file, all erros of ur patch ill be fixed Neoncube (1).rar
  6. Happy New Year  event !

    Xilero PK <3


  7. Happy New Year !

    Xilero PK <3


  8. Russian Roulette special of christimas Xilero PK <3


  9. Simsimi event Especial of christimas, we love xilero PK  <3 


  10. NICE WOE /slur XILERO  PK


  11. Russian Roulett /lv


  12. U can ask culito or Frezze for guild woe
  13. Nice one Bro
  14. nice nice ! am open to sugestions fo improve this build, thank you !
  15. achei minha princesinha <3

  16. Share this tô help alot of people !