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  1. Saw this guy selling +10EMPS,SASet,LDS Costumes on bg chat. I pm'ed him and he asked for my offer I said I don't know so I tried to offer all my saved GS(3k in total) because it's +10 tho I'm not having my hopes up. It became a little sketchy when he accepted my offer. Then I asked a few friends the difference between a costume set and a real set, they said a costume set doesn't have any description on it compared to a real set. When I asked him to deal it first to Orphne to have it checked he started acting dumb and started to speak spanish. P.S. I also asked him before dealing to wear it and let me view it and he started to reason that he's kinda laggy. he also logged in his main acc pretending to buy the LDS to make it more convincing.
  2. I'll add this video here to show how to trap in clone (edit)P.S. some say GX wearing Scarlet Angel Set is tough just switch to holy arrows and that'll do the trick. Sometimes it's endowed with wind but sometimes it's endowed with shadow.
  3. returning to play again I played this server since 2006 and last time I played I had Iris Sets and stuff but upon logging in All I have is +10 Emp Set and I'm so clueless about the server now. What happen to sherrif badge and stuff all I can see is "kgs" what's that kilograms? please help me don't know how to start again.
  4. <p><p>Arteee teach me how to make one of those name emblems</p></p>