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  1. - Spanish Translation - Reglas para reportar a un usuario con NoDelay: 1. Debe usar un programa para grabar que sea utilizado en la PC. Por ejemplo Brandicam, Fraps u otro programa. (No se Aceptará ningún otro tipo de medio de grabación) 2. Subir el video a youtube para que pueda ser revisado por nosotros. 3. El video debe mostrar el nombre del supuesto usuario que usa NoDelay. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- En caso de que no sepas usar algun programa para grabar siga los siguientes pasos.Cara Cara merekam video (yang seperti gambar di atas) 1. Descargar Brandicam en (Es totalmente Gratis). 2. Abrir Bandicam. 3. Seleccionar el modo juego de grabación y poner en modo screen share. 4. Dar click en el botón REC (Está ubicado en el lado superior derecha) y comienza a grabar.
  2. 16 for me thx guys
  3. What Position do you apply for - GameMaster First Name - Eduardo Ingame Name - E d u Facebook Name - Eduardo Antonio Sepúlveda Iturra Age - 27 Mother language - Spanish - English knowledge - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 12 Years ( Xilero PK, Ex, Ez, MN, LR and Os) Time playing XileRO OS - 1 Year Other abilities - Translations, Organizing / Administrating, Database/SQL/C++ knowledge . Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - hello I want to be gm for different reasons, one of them I can interact with people from different countries because I know languages like Spanish, English, and Portuguese. I'm a charismatic and i have nice relationshipe with Indo, PH, Latin ppl. I want to make new events, because our comunity is boring with the same events. Ex. Kill the Nazi Zombies Event. (Leave me a text here, introduce yourself, show me why you're the perfect guy for that position) hi my name is Eduardo, I'm 27 years old I'm electrical engineer for that moment im unenployed and i have enough time to make a better server. I think I'm the right person, well I've been helping the GM staff fixing problems, reporting bugs, translation. I know a lot about this server I know at 90% of people here. I have enemies only on WOE hahaha. Happy New Year. Wish me luck guys. Regards.
  4. Hello It's E d u has been played xilero since 2006 , Xilero PK was my first server and my last was OS, now i want a chance in the new server and found new friends too. Best Wishes. IGN: E d u Job: Paladin
  5. How much +10 MW? IGN: E d u
  6. 22222 First E d u
  7. Buy List 6x Refine Scroll = Leave Offer.
  8. about the stats, kayru put the link on chat box
  9. maicon

    why u are too hateable? xD

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