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  1. What Position do you apply for - GameMaster Ingame Name - Shalberon Facebook Name - Doruk dağlılar Age - 19 Mother language - Turkish English knowledge - Mid - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - more then 10 years (xilero ex,xilero pk) Time playing XileRO OS - 5-6 months Other abilities - Translations , Organizing , Making events , police, creativity Why do you want to become GM(What you apply for) - I want to become GameMaster because server is very still. I wanna make the server more active with interesting event's and I like to help people (private problems or community problems) as well as i can help translate italian language and there are things that i want to improve Event system. GM events(usually):Hide and seek, zombi event,Mvp event,guess the number,Sometimes Fashion event. I have more idea's for interesting event's and i thing that's make more active server . (Leave me a text here, introduce yourself, show me why you're the perfect guy for that position) Hello kayru my name is doruk.İ am from turkey i am 19 years old and i study in engineering in's my first year in university. I am willing to do this job.I wanna help players and improve xilero os. If i do this job i will do my job in pleasure. I don't have any experience but doesn't mean i can't learn:) I am open to innovations... Thanks For reading.. Have a nice day and Happy New Year...
  2. 40 ign: shalberon
  3. And rhile the ss isn't edited just dont wanna see the public name in chat
  4. Chips go post i didnt say for your family we will see who will win the war if u can go post dont escape
  5. İ wanna report him b.coz bad word in game
  6. First post 31234 Shalberon
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