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  1. I want to report this guy because of the irritative attitude and spaming made by him continuously sending pm and this happened because i killed him 1 vs 1 and he keeps on running and changing character over and over again and pm me randomly and for that also i would not report him but when due to lag i come out of pvp area simply spamming and doing nonsense stuffs will not help players who are already suffering from lag. First of all Asia is suffering from heavy lag due to server shift to USA and on that this kind of irritative players in game. I hope action will be taken.
  2. even after june 24 update patcher i,,m not getting patched up ss also i,m attaching and android apk also not working if its working then show me proof ok or else if i,m wrong i,m sorry and i,m also tell you that i,m will check whether i,m getting patched whether i,m not getting patched if at all i,m getting means its ok or else i,m silent you do something conceren person ok i,m ok
  3. i can see he is not only hiding as you reported but he is walking also that means he is not bot if he is bot make him tell kamehameha gg
  4. Patch Error Please Fix or give new patcher Thx

    patch error.png

  5. lol go for it