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  1. The raids and server wars were always fun, I was always with Pancho and DeathSquad
  2. How can i view my followers
  3. Add me on Discord Oso#7267

  4. Just another old man droppin by
  5. If you can I'll gladly sell you it for (1) +10 GDS, +10 Proxy, +10 OS, +10 Cob,+10 Bog

  6. JON. FB now please !

  7. Reply back on FB please !

  8. Sorry I was trying to get ahold of Jon but we've made contact.

  9. PM me ASAP plox

  10. Aha no problem Rafa anytime. Shadow Chaser is good for your items try it out, you might like it (:

  11. If you need a team I'm here, and so is my guild of 2 other old players that are experiened with PvP. Contact me through MSN, [email protected]

  12. i was looking through my old messages and i see one from you ! how can u not remember me !? D:

  13. Who are you ?

  14. My nigga, where the fuck have you been.

  15. oman i need to get 1


  16. Yes I play PK, why? O.o

  17. Who's this?

  18. Ello Reign

  19. Hai kapi :]

  20. Do some updates D:

  21. Hello sir :]