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  1. It is!
  2. • XileRO PK Android Update and Re-Release • Updated March 6 2019 Current Version 192 Download APK : • Seasonal story quest released! Click here to view full guide + Prize list! • • New costumes added! Click here to view list. • • Goddess Of Blessing • - Status given upon switching jobs are now the same are AOB status. - Gunsliger, Ninja, Star Gladiator and Soul Linker added to menu. • Mining system - reduced spawn time of stones • • Some Costumes from last seasonal period and current added into Battleground • • Aegis Ring, Guardian Angel, Soheon Card, Kades Card and Phylla Card are now tradeable • • Helios Wings Costume added to Costume NPC • • Story Quest: - Ultimate Shadow Dragon no longer reflect to magic. - Death's minions has been changed. - Number of Pure crystals spawn on Myscenia field 3 has increased! • Nocturnal Helios & Mythic Helios released! • - Costume Nocturnal Set - When full equipped: Bonus Str, Int and Dex +20 Lv.3 Eska Skill Custom Aura effect Tradeable parts - Costume Mythic Helios Set - When Full equipped: Bonus Str, Int and Dex +20 Lv.7 Eswoo Skill Custom Aura effect Tradeable parts • Woe Drops • - List of drops on Guild Leader room updated, full drop list per box below: - NOTE: Treasure Boxed does NOT guarantee drops of an item 100% of the time. [ Prontera ] Kriemhild C Nocturnal Helios Wings [Rare drop] Blue Perfect Helios [Rare drop] Donny Crown [Rare drop] Omni Set Helios Wings Golden Gem Costume Box II Morocc Card Skoegul C Nocturnal Helios Crown [Rare drop] Blue Perfect Aura [Rare drop] Donny Wings [Rare drop] Omni Set Helios Wing Golden Gem Costume Box II Eira Card Gondul C Nocturnal Helios Aura [Rare drop] Blue Perfect Crown [Rare drop] Donny Aura [Rare drop] Omni Set Helios Wings Golden Gem Costume Box II Naght Sieger Card [ Payon ] Bright Arbor Mythic Helios Wings [Rare drop] Green Perfect Aura [Rare drop] Donny Crown [Rare drop] Flaming Phoenix Set Helios Wings Golden Gem Costume Box I Nydhog Card Scarlet Palace Mythic Helios Crown [Rare drop] Green Perfect Helios [Rare drop] Donny Helios [Rare drop] Flaming Phoenix Set Helios Wings Golden Gem Costume Box I Rainbowing Card Bamboo Groove Hill Mythic Helios Aura [Rare drop] Green Perfect Crown [Rare drop] Donny Aura [Rare drop] Flaming Phoenix Set Helios Wings Golden Gem Costume Box I Goddess Valkyrie Card [Woe SE] Aru & Sch Roar of Dragon [Rare Drop] Dark Elemental Set parts [Rare Drop] Donny Aura [Rare Drop] Helios Wings Flaming Phoenix set Goldem Gem Costume Box I Goddess Valkyrie card • Battleground Monthly Ranking • - Every month, on day 1, we'll reward the Top 3 Battleground Players with different awards for each rank position. - You can view your current amount of point by using @mypoints [Monthly Rank Points] - The NPC who shows the Top 3 is located inside Battleground waiting room. - Rank Points is individually saved per character. - Points are reseted every month after winners are rewarded. - To get in the rank, you must be the player with highest kill amounts. • Reward Method - - On day 1, one of the GMs will make a countdown of x minutes [time will be up to the GM], after it, the GM will recall players who's on NPC top list and ask their desired prize. - After it, rank and all Player Points will be reseted. - Rank 1 must have at least 350 points to claim reward. - Rank 2 must have at least 250 points to claim reward. - Rank 3 must have at least 150 points to claim reward. [If winners is not online during the time, GM will save their names] - List of Prizes: 1st 1x Aegis Part of Player's choice [Bow and Set parts available] + 2 Aegis rental Box + 1500 GS 2nd Any Pset part or 2 Slot Part [ AOF, 1H Bow, Paradise Manteau, Guardian Boots, Fantasy Ring, Cathedral Seal] of winner's choice + 1000GS 3rd 1 costume of Player's choice + 1 Aegis Rental Box + 500GS • Battleground Rank Shield • - One of the new costumes in Battleground Shop is "Rank Shield" - Costs 300 BG Points. - For every kill inside Battleground Arena, you get 1 Point and you Lose 1 point if you die. - You don't need to be equipped to gain or lose points. - This point earning system only works inside Battleground. - You need to get +35 points to raise your rank position. - Shield changes appearence + gives extra status according to player's rank shield points. [check your points via @mypoints] - Points doesn't reset monthly. - Rank Shield is equipped on Costume Low slot Rank: Beginner Kill count: 0 - 35 Status: None --------------------------------------- Rank: Bronze Kill count: 35 - 70 Status: +3 Str, Dex Int -------------------------------------- Rank: Silver Kill count: 70 - 105 Status: +6 Str, Dex, Int --------------------------------------- Rank: Gold Kill count: 105 - 140 Status: +9 Str, Dex, Int -------------------------------------- Rank: Platinum Kill count: 140 - 175 Status: +15 Str, +15 Dex, +15 Int --------------------------------------- Rank: Diamond Kill count: 175 + Status: +25 Str, +25 Dex, +25 Int NOTE: If a player is caught using abusing methods to farm Shield Rank Pts or Monthly BG rank Points thru duals, 'cooperative kill&Death' with other characters or other abusive method, the Player's point will be reseted to 0 and player won't get any of those points for 1 month.
  3. For PK support, please contact me in facebook! I'm online often there.

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      Hey there been awhile, lol that link is dead. Anyway I'm looking forward to be back playing XiLeRO "D

  4. All this hats are available upon completing Spring event quest. Baby Dragon Fury Aura Amarantine Aura Ancient Angel Spirit Black Galaxy Wings Alchemist Bag Baby Penguin Snake Lord Stall Black Cat Baby Desert Wolf Fairy Wig Silver Fairy Wig Fallen Angel Ears Fawn Ears Fluffy Wig Fox Jitterbug Cap Fluffy Cat Kururinpa Wig Large Sorcerer Crown Medium Wave Mermaid Wig Miyabi Long Wig Pursuit System Orange Cat Picnic Basket Princess Ribbon Shiba Inu Twin Cannon Celestial Spirit Green Fireworks Gold Eleanor Wig Flower Aura Purple Dragon Wings God of Thunder Wings Gold Divine Lightning Aura Green Galaxy Wings Green Sparkle Dance Honey Bees Lordly Aura Lunatic Muffler Large Dragon Wings Sakura Hair Ornament Pink Lightning Aura Poring Beret Protector Cloth Rainbow Eletric Aura Reaper Spirit Classic Spider Hat Spinning Hearts Striking Hat Spirit of Eostre Ultima Blade Vesper Headgear White God Halo Woodstock Wings Lightning Aura [Upper-Mid-Low] Idun Wings/Ears/Taurus Intelligence stone [/effect must be on to view this costume] Full Blossom Aura [/effect must be on to view this costume] Blessing of Souls [/effect must be on to view this costume] Haunting Ghosts [/effect must be on to view this costume]
  5. 1. Start the quest at the middle of Prontera. 2. After Dialogue, go to jawaii's tavern. 3. Talk to Lucile. 4. Go to south of Aeven field [aev_fild01 96 62] 5. Talk to Etran 6. By the end of the dialog you'll have to do a small hunt Faithful Manager > verus03 King Poring: aev_fild01 Gleam Eyes: Final Maze, Inside room at north of the map [unwarpable via command, requires Warper NPC to access this map] Essence of Beelzebub > Final Maze Skoll > moro_vol 7. When hunt list is done, talk to Etran again 8. Go west of fairy_dun01 [fairy_dun01 31 162] Click on the small floating orbs and you'll get warped to Gardenia. [NOTE]: Once you reach Gardenia or Myscenia, you'll be able to go there anywhere during quest progress by entering the hidden portal in the middle of prontera, behind the statue. ~ Gardenia ~ 9. Talk to Seiren 10. Look for this house: 11.Talk to Kardui and after dialogue, leave the house and head to South portal 12. Here you have to kill Mursh, Ice Dark Lord and 2.000 monsters [Gardenia Mavka and Larva doesn't increase the kill count]. 13. After your hunt, go back to Gardenia and talk to Kardui again 14. Leave the house and look for village Elder in another house. 15. Talk to Elder 16. After dialogue, leave the house and head toward East of Gardenia 17. Go to the middle of the map and look for 'Weird Plant' 18. After talking to Basil, you'll get an item to capture Dalcons [Those Poporing alike monster] 19. Time to hunt Dalcons! Dalcon Catching net is an ulimited tame item for Dalcons, you need to hunt 40 of them. The chance to capture Dalcons is of 30%. 20. Give the 40 captured Dalcons and the item you used to capture Dalcons to Basil, you'll get the Gardenic Pendant. 21. Head south field of Gardenia and look for the Gate [Before you go to the 2nd south field, there is a guy sitting next the lake, he gives some important tips about a puzzle you'll have to do inside Gardenia Cave] 22. Here you have to get the key from a Mvp, look for Blazing Imp and kill it 23. Look for the small key - You'll find it to the right side of the map, next to this tree: 24. Go to the cave and talk to warper crystal. 25. You have to turn on all 6 switches from the cave pillars in the right sequence and in a limit of 5 seconds from one switch to another. The guy sitting next to lake in south of gardenia give tips about this part and the next puzzle. For every time you reach in time in the pillars, a blue effect will show up If you get a "hit" effect when you go to one switch to another, means time's up or you pressed the wrong switch and you have to start all over again. Sequence: Southwest, Northeast, West, Southeast, Northwest and East Pillar. 26. When you're done, talk to crystal again, this time you have to step up on the middle of every square color of this platform on the right sequence as well, limit of 1 second per one square to another. Once you step in the squares, a blue effect will show up, that means you're doing it correctly. If no effect shows up, means time's out [or your /effect is off.] Sequence: Red, Blue, White, Green, Violet, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Pink 27. Talk to Crystal again. You'll be taken to the next area, where the Portal to Myscenia is located, but before you can access this map, you must defeat Flame Naght Sieger. 28. When you kill the Guardian, go to portal. Myscenia 29. After the dialogue, Go north and talk to Aevel. 30. After that, go to north's portal. 31. You have to cross 3 fields before getting into Boss map. For each field you have to 'collect' 100 Pure crystals and kill some monsters. The list of monsters you have to kill shows in the black portals. You'll get a message of your current kill count / mobs left every time you kill one of the quest mobs. Field 1: 100x Pure Crystals 'taken' 1x Yuki Onna Defeated 800x White Geographer 800x Violet Whisper Field 2: 100x Pure Crystals 'taken' 1x Death defeated 800x Foxiring 800x Creamy Queen Field 3 - Before going to Last quest boss, you need to achieve the following: 100x Pure Crystals 'taken' 1x Dark Ball defeated 1x Winged Crystal defeated 800x Blue Whisper 800x Chill Wind 32. When you're done, go back to portal, and you'll be teleported to final quest boss 33. Ultimate Shadow Dragon Kill the Dragon and you'll get your reward! You'll get one of the following rewards: • One of the XileRO's newest spring costumes • Pset parts [Black and White] - Crimson Wings • GA / 2 slots items. • 1000x - 2000x - 3000x - 4000x Golds Seals • 1x Supreme Chest [Gives a random Aegis Set Rental, all colors available - lasts 15 days after opened.] • 1x Aegis Gear Box - Gives a random Rental Aegis Gear [Shield, Manteau, Boot, Armor or 1h Bow] - lasts 15 days after opened. • 1x Elemental Box - Gives a random Rental Elemental Ring [All elementals available] - lasts 15 days after opened. Any of those rewards includes an additional of 50GS.
  6. Main Quest 1. To start the main Xmas Quest, search Yuki near Lottery NPC. 2. After talking to her, go West (prt_fild05) and look for Herus, he's warping around all the map. Talk to him and get the invitation from the king 3. Go to the entrance of the prontera's castle and talk to the guard in front of the entrance. 4. Enter in the castle and talk to the King. 5. By the end of the dialog, the king'll give you coords, go there and enter in the black portal, it'll lead you to the glast prison. Here, you'll have to rescue some of the Prontera soldiers that have been caught. 6. After rescuing 10 soldiers, head to the portal located to the northeast of the map. 7. Look for 10 more soldiers in the 2F and when you finish, your character will be warped to prontera's castle. 8. Talk to the king again 9. Go to while lands [2nd field] and search for Kaite ( to reach white lands, you must have 1 of each symbol obtained from Unholy path and give to Lyris, located to the north of prontera next to a red portal ) ⋆ Snow Village ⋆ 10. After you're warped to the next map, Kaite will tell you that she have lost her wallet and ask you for help to find it 11. Walk southeast until you reach a part of the map where the snow cover your character, in this part you'll see some "?" under the snow. Now click on them until you find the wallet, then walk back to Kaite and give it to her, then you'll be warped to the next map. ⋆ West of White Lands ⋆ 12. When you teleport to the next map, go west until you find Ivan, then talk to him 13. He asks a favor in exchange of using his boat, get an item dropped by Frozen Rose, located to the north. 14. Kill the monster and get the flower, then give to Ivan and he'll take you to a small island on the middle of the map. 15. Enter on the cave ⋆ Ancient Ice Cave ⋆ 16. There's a portal to the north that leads to the place where the time crystal map, but it's closed and to be actived, you must activate 2 switchs first. 17. Go to northeast of the map and locate this. Press it and then look for the other switch, located to southweast of the map. (You have a time limit of 35 seconds to activate the second switch after the first one is activated.) -Northeast switch- -southwest switch- 18. When you activate it, go to the portal again and click on it to be teleported to the next map. On the next map, walk to the middle of the map and you'll see the crystal, click on it to obtain. 19. Your character will be warped back to Prontera, now head to the castle again and talk to the king. 20.Go to fairy_dun01 and look for Kaime, when you find her, you'll be taken to Sakura fields ⋆ Sakura Field ⋆ 21.Look for Liatris 22. She'll take you to the location of the next crystal if you get rid of some monsters. By the end of the dialog it'll display a list of monsters to kill. 23. After killing the monsters, talk to her again and she'll take you to the next map. Get the crystal and you'll be warped back to prontera. 24. Talk to the king again, and then, search for magic teleporter inside the castle. 25. Click on it and you'll be teleported to the ancient magic city. ⋆Ancient Magic City⋆ 26. Find Kaite in the middle of the map, then talk to her. She'll talk about how you can make the portal that leads to the altar of time spawns 27. After talking to her, you have to do as she said, activate the crystals that are located near to the statues by 'touching' them, in the right order and in time. This is the right directions you must follow: North - South - Southeast - East - West - Norhwest - Southeast - Northeast. Once you finish it, you'll be taken back to the middle of the map, and the portal will be there. 28. Enter in the portal and defeat the Boss. ⋆ Altar of time ⋆ 28. Kill the Boss and get your rewards. Rewards: - 1 Xmas Sock (2018) -- Hang this sock at Lutie's Xmas Tree, after hung, check it 3 hours later and there'll be a gift for you! The list of items you can obtain from there includes: One of the newest hats, even the ones available via small seasonal quests, Christmas Wings, Iceland Wings, Blue and Lblue pset parts, Fantasy Rings, Rental Aegis, Rental Elemental Rings (Fire, Wind and Holy), Aegis Sword, Gold Seals (500 to 1200) - 1 Xmas Box - Gives the same as Xmas Sock, but you get the reward straight by clicking it - 50 Gold Seals View the list of the released costumes of December 2018 here : Note: The teleport NPC located next to Yuki, takes you to warps that are unreachable during determinaded part of the story, such as snow city, west of white lands, ice cave, sakura field, night tree and ancient magic city.
  7. • Halloween Prontera and halloween BGM during event period. • Halloween Quests available until November 10! For full guide of quests, check this post! click me! • New Maps added for quests - Helheim, the realm of Dead, 3 Helheim fields and Halloween Boss Arena • New Skins Added - Halloween - Verdani Cogwell • Daily Reward replaced by Daily spin machine and better items included in the machine. Located inside Quest shop room. • Events such as poring catch, mazer, dice, zombie vs novice etc are no longer automated, instead, it starts only when activated by a GM. - Prizes of those events had a big improvement, giving now up to 45 - 55 Gold Seals + Costume Box + EBPs. - Last Man Standing is the only auto event now, which starts 1 time a day • New Aegis set Appearence: • Other changes: - Seraphic Gate Bugs fixed. - Aegis Armor Bug fixed. - Increased the chances of obtaining donny parts from Endless Tower - Emp Breaker Points [EBP] are now account bound instead of character bound. To convert your character bound EBP into account bound EBP, talk to Emperium NPC in the middle of prontera. @mypoints shows [OLD] and [NEW] woe points, the new ones are the account bound ebps and the ones used to exchange by prizes from now on. - Preview NPC for costumes and set added at ra_temsky 100 47 - Event changes, hide and seek event new maps, NPC raid event rewrite, poting catch event's map changed. - Moved stop the clock to payon. - Damage font and status ailments [Frozen, sleep, stun, snare] visual changed - Added fast type event, activated by GMs. Located at payon - Housing system - fee for renting a house now costs 30 Gold Seals a month. - Aura Saver - Now every time you get an aura from Balthier, the NPC will save your aura and you can switch back any time by talking to Aura Switch NPC, next to Balthier. This NPC only saves the aura that have been obtained starting from OCTOBER 20. If you have obtained an aura from Balthier before this date, the NPC haven't it saved on its data. - Login Halloween image & bgm - New logo image on screenshots - Costumes added All of them except fairy wings obtainable via halloween quests Jack Olantern Head Bloody Monk Hat Forest Guide Hat Kishu Inu Chroma Blindfold Cursed Venom Sword Draculoshy Berion Wings Falling Feathers Red Falling Petals Giant Scythe Flying Jack Olantern Golden Victory Eyes Night Forest Guide Blue Phoenix Wings Purple Feathered Hat Costume Venom Aegis Crown Shadow Venom Wings Venom Blindfold White Cat Witch Broom Venom Aura Forest Fairy Wings Golden Fairy Wings
  8. ★ Mini Halloween Quests ★ Name: Hoirin Location: prontera 124 168 Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 15 Crushed Pumpkins - Hollow Poring - Hallow01 1000 Pumpkin - Pumpking - Hallow01 1000 Wing of Red Bat - Draniliar - alde_dun01 1 Witch's Tonic - Orcus - hellfire Rewards: Shadow Venom Wings + White Cat Name: Suspicious Coffin Location: prontera 161 184 Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 1500 Steamed Bat Wings - Inorganic Pumpking - Niflheim 1500 Flour - Organic Pumpking - nif_fild01 Give the quest items to: Chef Candycon, located near the lake in Helheim. Rewards: Purple Feathered Hat + Witch Broom Name: Cool Devi Location: prontera 209 177 Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 1 Crushed Pumpkin - Hollow Poring - Hallow01 4 Green Halloween Candy - Dead Ktullanux - helheim field 3 [reachable via main quest] 1 Festival Halloween Hat ( From Halloween Login Bonus Reward ) Reward: Jack Olantern Head Name: Hallow's Eve Event Location: prontera 148 163 Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 10 Blue Halloween Candy - Dead Moonlight - 1st field of Helheim, reachable via main quest 10 Red Halloween Candy - Dead Turtle General - 2nd field of Helheim, reachable via main quest 10 Green Halloween Candy - Dead Ktullanux - 3rd field of Helheim, reachable via main quest Reward: Venom Aura + Kishu Inu Name: Deviruchi Location: Helheim, next to the witch statue, reachable via main quest Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 2 Pumpkin Cake - Soul-Eating Monster - Halloween Boss Arena, reachable via main quest Reward: Venom Blindfold + Cursed Venom Sword Name: Mother Mathana [Appears every 2 days at 00:00 Server time] Location: prontera 259 313 Requiriments: Item - Monster - Map 1 Fresh Water - Soul Eating Monster - Halloween Boss Arena, reachable via main quest Reward: 5 Costume Box I + 70 Gold Seals View the list of costumes here! Scroll down until you find the preview images.
  9. This quest is available during our halloween period which will lasts until 10 November. 1. Talk to Wandering Lude in prontera, it's a moving npc so you may find it near the lottery/changelog/noobie npc -- Select I'll take care of this! You must get the baptism of souls in order to reach the realm of dead 'Helheim' 2. Find Ghost and Talk to it 21x times until it decides to talk to you Select 'Ask about Baptism of Souls' and then 'Deal' It'll ask you to revenge him by getting rid of Grim Reaper at @warp Asphodel. [prontera 112 246] 3. Go to Asphodel and kill Grim Reaper. If you're having a hard time soloing there, ask someone for help in #bg Once you kill it, you get warped automatically back to the ghost 4. Talk to ghost again and he'll tell you about the 3 souls that can grant you the baptism. Ling, Sanka and Raddha You now have to look for these 3 npcs around prontera There is no specific order to talk to these 3 npcs. [Sanka]: prontera 229 64 [Raddha]: prontera 145 298 [Ling]: prontera 198 294 Talk to any of them and they'll first test you in a game 5. Complete the 3 baptism tests Raddha Memory Master There you'll see a bunch of bats and once the event is started, they'll show up emotions upon them you must match the emotions in order to gain points to pass the test. You get 1 point for each sign match. Goal: 7 points Attempts: 15 Time limit: 3 minutes Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Raddha again to get the baptism. Ling Music Challenge set your /sound ON to play this game Recommended to click on all these ghostrings to hear the sounds they produce. Each one have a different sound. Once you have started this game, keep your character in the middle of the ghostrings, if you go too far from the ghostrings you won't hear the sounds 1st round will play 1 sound, and you must reproduce it by clicking on the ghostrings 2nd round will play 2 sounds, and again, you must reproduce it again. 3rd and so on. As the rounds pass by, Ghostrings will reproduce the sounds on the exact same order and adding +1 note to the end. Goal: 16 levels Limit time: 5+++ seconds depending on the round Attempts: unlimited during the time is not over [NOTE]: If you miss a note, you'll have to start to reproduce from the first note again. [NOTE]: Be sure to have your /sound ON during this test [NOTE]: Stay calm *heavy breathing* Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Ling again to get the baptism. Sanka Simon Says set your /effect on before starting this game Once the game is started, a heart will pop up on the head of the porings And you must click on the poring that displayed the heart in the right order each round the number of porings will increase +1. Limit Time: 5+++ seconds depending on the round Goal: 20 rounds. [NOTE]: Stay inside the circle during the game or else you own't be able to see all the hearts. [NOTE]: Don't break your keyboard or mouse if you fail a lot, concentration is all! Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Sanka again to get the baptism. 6. Now you have the baptisms given by the 3 souls. Now you can pass the portal! Go to the portal to helheim at prontera. prontera 200 175 Helheim The Realm Of Dead You'll see many souls here who couldn't cross the realms and others who have choosen to stay. 7. Go Southeast and look for Cetas. He'll tell you where you can find the Soul-eating monster 8. Now go Northeast and look for the black portal 9. Now you are in the fields of helheim. Go east and reach the black portal Click there and check the hunting list Slay the evil souls and go back to black portal to reach field 2! 10. Go to the second field and repeat the proccess again and slay the souls that the portal asks for. Back to portal and warp to field 3. 11. Go Southeast and find the Soul-Eating monster [final boss] Click on it and go to the fight arena 12. Kill it and get your reward! Reward: 1x Haunted Gem Once opened, you have a chance of obtaining: Halloween costumes [Including all the latest ones] Dpurple and Lpurple pset parts Fantasy Accessories 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 - 1200 Gold Seals [Rentals - 15 days] Ghost Elemental [Accessory] Dark Elemental [Accessory] Undead Elemental [Accessory] Holy Elemental [Accessory] [Rentals - 15 days] [Str] Brown Aegis Set [Upper,Mid and Lower] - you get the 3 parts in a roll [Int] Pink Aegis Set [Upper,Mid and Lower]- you get the 3 parts in a roll [Dex] Gold Aegis Set [Upper,Mid and Lower]- you get the 3 parts in a roll Quest is repeateable but once you finish it, you'll lose your access to helheim and you'll have to go through the baptism proccess again.
  10. For those who are using the old client and cannot update the patch, this file will help you. Just follow this steps to apply the patch manually 1. Download and extract the patch by using 7zip. 2. Copy all the files (data, bgm, skin and map2pk) into your xilero folder 3. let it overwrite the old files. 4. Done. Although this fixes your patch, it's highly recommended to download the v13 to fix this issue permanently.
  11. Well done!!
  12. O que é um Guild Pack? é um pack de equipamentos para guilds novas, Equipamentos que são ligados a conta, o que significa que não podem ser trocados. O que eu posso obter com isso? O líder da guild irá obter um ser ligeiramente melhor aos demais jogadores da guild, mas as outras partes dos equipamentos são as mesmas. Líder da guild obtém -> +10 Donny Set, +10 Nightmare Parts, [2] +10 armas royals +10 escolhidas pelo jogador e 2 Cathedral Rings. Membros da guild obtém -> +10 Helios Wings + Omni Helm + Aura, +10 Nightmare Parts, [2] +10 armas royal escolhidas pelo jogador e 2 Cathedral Rings. Esses equipamentos são permanentes? No começo não. A guild após atender os requisitos, irão ganhar os equipamentos como rentaveis, com durabilidade de 30 dias, e nesses 30 dias a Guild deve atender a outros requisitos para obter os equipamento permanentes. Não haverá diferença de equipamentos dos equipamentos rentaveis e permanentes. Por quê disso? O propósito disso é para aprimorar e aumentar a equalidade no nosso cenário da Guerra do empério, trazendo mais jogadores para aumentar a competividade e deixar as Guerras mais divertidas. Como me inscrevo e quais os requisitos? Há alguns requisitos que devem serem seguidos para obter o pack de guild. A guild deve ter pelo menos 20 membros. A guild deve ser nova, ou guilds antigas que foram dissolvidas mas estão voltando. O dono da guild deve fazer uma introdução da sua guild nessa seção do forums: [Pode fazer a introdução em português] [Exemplo] Nome da guild: XileRO PK Dono da guild: GM Naenia Facebook: Quantidade de membros: 23 Lista completa dos membros [Seus nomes exatos no jogo]: Orphne, Xile, GM Brian, Eternity, etc..... Todos os membros da guild devem comentar no post, dizendo seus nomes no jogo. Você não pode fazer dual, nós iremos checar tudo. Quem fazer dual não ganhará nada. Todas as contas dos jogadores da guild devem ter jogado por pelo menos uma semana. Contas com mais de 3 mêses de jogo não poderão obter as caixas. Agora que conseguimos os equipamentos temporários, Como poderemos obter os equipamentos permanentes? A guild deve seguir esses requisitos durante 30 dias: -> A guild DEVE estar ativa durante no minimo 2 guerras do empério durante esse perioso [Não precisa ser necessariamente com todos os membros] -> O membro da guild não poderá jogar em uma guild diferente da qual ele/ela obteve os equipamentos. Isso irá resultar em perca permanente da chance de obter os equipamentos. O jogador que já obteve os equipamentos temporarios ou permanente não poderão se juntar a outra guild que está precisando de um guild pack apenas para aumentar a contagem de membros da outra guild. Durante o processo de recebimento dos equipamentos o NPC irá registrar todos que obtiveram as caixas e quem tentar obter mais de uma vez será expulso do mapa. E se eu ganhar essa caixa como membro e futuramente criar minha própria guild, irei ganhar outro pack? Não, uma vez que você se registra no NPC, você fica impossibilitado de receber/usar outras caixas de pack de guild. E sobre aqueles trapaceiros que possivelmente tentarão burlar? Não se preocupe enquanto a isso, já tomamos devidas precauções com isso e todas as checagens serão feitas, alem de que, como eu disse acima, a caixa pode ser usada apenas uma vez por conta. Posso trocar esses items com outros jogadores? Não, como eu disse no começo, os itens estão "colados" a conta, não podem ser trocados. Como será o processo para obter os itens depois que minha guild estiver atendido aos requisitos? Iremos entrar em contato com o lider da guild e discurtir qual será o melhor horário onde todos os membros da guild estarão online, então, a guild será teleportada para um mapa de 2 areas que tem restrição de ip , e lá terá um npc que fará a primeira checagem para ver quem já obteve o pack anteriormente, se a pessoa já tiver obtido, será teleportada para fora do mapa, se não será teleportada para a outra parte do mapa aonde terá um NPC escondido que só será ativado quando a guild toda passar da primeira checagem, caso tenha muitos trapaceiros que sejam removidos do mapa a ponto de fazer o numero de pessoas da guild diminuir para menos de 20, a guild fica impossibilitada de receber o guild pack até atender aos requisitos primarios novamente. Mesmo processo se repetirá durante a segunda fase que é de obter os itens permanentemente. Dúvidas, perguntas ou sugestões, por favor comentem ♥
  13. Sistema de mineração [Mining system] Comece a quest em pay_dun00 152 169 Antes de começar, você deve ter um safety helmer ou mine helm equipados, ambos podem ser adquiridos em @go 25. Aqui você pode minerar para obter items raros. Durante a mineração, você obtem experiência para subir seu nível de minerador. Há 7 niveis de minerador: Lv. 0: Candidato Lv. 1: Estreante Lv. 2: Aprendiz Lv. 3: Trabalhador Lv. 4: Mineiro Lv. 5: Especialista Lv. 6: Artesão Lv. 7: Mestre Ao subir de nível, você ganha permissão para acessar as minas dos outros mapas, aonde você pode obter mais experiência e mais chances de obter Pedras de aura [Aura Stones] É muito facil minerar, depois de conseguir o helm, vá para o primeiro mapa de mineração, compre algumas picaretas do NPC que está no ponto de mineração [cada uma custa 2 silver seals], selecione a pedra. Você verá que aparecerá um menu indicando várias direções para você começar a bater, a barra de durabilidade da picareta e da rocha na janela de dialogo. Para quebrar a pedra mais rápido, você terá que encontrar o ponto fraco da pedra, uma vez que você encontra, irá aparecer no dialogo dizendo para você continuar atacando o ponto. Se você não acertar, a durabilidade da pedra diminuirá bem pouco e a durabilidade da picareta diminuirá, e quando quebrar será necessário comprar mais. Aqui está as cordenadas dos pontos de mineração, você deve minerar nesses lugais de acordo com seu nível de minerador para ganhar pontos de experiência melhor. Se você estiver abaixo do nível sugerido das minas, você não poderar minerar lá. Candidato: pay_dun00 152 170 Estreante: anthell01 93 260 Aprendiz: ein_dun02 263 213 Trabalhador: juperos_01 144 47 Mineiro: mag_dun01 234 61 Especialista: ice_dun03 34 256 Artesão: abyss_02 243 267 Mestre: ra_fild03 215 267 Dica: Pedras maiores = mais experiência e drops. Através da mineração, você pode obter 12 tipos diferentes de pedras da aura [Aura stone] e fragmentos de cristais do dragão e demônio [Dragon crystal fragment / Demon crystal fragment]. Os fragmentos são usados para converte-los em accessorios de fantasia do dragão e demônio, que mudam a raça do seu personagem e dá status. O npc que converte está em ra_temsky 100 55 Nome: [fragment collector]. Pedra da aura podem ser convertidas em vários tipos de auras em ra_temsky 100 55 Nome: [Balthie]. There are 25 auras in total and you have the option to test them all before exchanging your Aura stones. Essa é a lista de auras que você pode obter trocando por pedras da aura no NPC Balthie. Sistema de casas [Housing system] Agora você pode alugar sua própria casa no XileROPK! Fale com o NPC de casas em prontera 145 164 e escolha uma das vilas para ser teleportado. Há 7 vilas no total e cada uma com cerca de 22 - 27 casas disponíveis. Dentro da vila, fale com o proprietor para alugar uma casa, você pode escolher o período de tempo que deseja ficar [de 1 a 3 mêses] com direito a renovação de contrato. Você também pode colocar senhas para você [proprietario] e uma senha para as visitas que desejam ir até sua casa. Algumas das funções da casa: Alice Maid [Limpa sua casa matando besouros] - Se a casa ficar muito tempo abandonada, ela começa a acumular besouros, e depois de muito tempo abandonada [cerca de 2 semanas], você perde a casa. Piano Opção de ligar/desligar PvP fora da sua casa Armario [storage] Cama [restaura hp/sp] Roupas [Jogador pode escolher vestir roupa normal, formal, de natal ou de verão] Maçãs das arvores Pets, gera um numero de 1 a 3 pets que ficam fora da sua casa, além das plantas. Invasão de pragas [mini evento]- Você pode ganhar Gold Seals matando o mvp [Dark Thief Bug] e se livrando dos insetos [As casas de casa vila são diferentes por dentro também] Torre sem fim [Endless Tower] dificuldade aumentada e novos prêmios adicionados Endless tower não é mais facil como costumava ser Mas em contrapartida, os prêmios tiveram uma melhoria significativa [mesmo assim ainda tem chances de obter os prêmios antigo da torre.] Você pode obter algumas dar cartas do battleground através da instancia [Exceto morocc, eira e nydhog] e parts de sets que variam do Dark devil set até as partes do donny set. Outros items também como cathedrais rings, acessorios fantasia que mudam a raça do seu personagem. Armas [Furies, royals e alguma das novas armas Aegis, como arco de duas mãos, cajado, punhos, shuriken, katana de ninjas, espada, guitarra, chicote e revolver] O ultimo boss da torre também dropa Division tokens, que podem ser usados para acessar o portal seráfico [seraphic gate] Portal Seráfico [Seraphic Gate] Para entrar nesse local, você terá que ir através do npc localizado em izlude 120 116 É um jogo aonde você deve resolver alguns quebra-cabeças em ordem para lutar com uma das 5 deusas do mapa. Cada uma dropa 3 tipos diferentes de tokens celestials que podem ser convertidos em sets de costume em ra_temsky 100 55. Pack de equipamentos para as guilds que entrarem no server ♥ Para mais detalhes, acesse o link acima! Battleground Novos prêmios adicionados Aegis Ring [segundo melhor acessório] Cartas Kades, Soheon, Phylla [melhor carta accessório] Black and red sparkling xmas cloak Yellow tweakling witch hat Galaxy Wings Blue Galaxy Wings Battleground dá +4 pontos extras em todos os mini games pelo periodo de 1 hora após o termino das guerras do emperio de Prontera. • Quest diaria re-adicionada em prontera 178 214 • Adicionado 30% de chance de obter Anel elemental da água para quem matar o chefe final da quest de pesca. • Aumento no numero de breaker points obtidos na treasure chest da WoE para 9. • Aneis Elementais - Aidionados novas auras aos aneis elementais de vento e água. Guerra do emperio de Payon Mudanças nos castelos de Payon foram realizadas, agora teremos um castelo diferente em payon para ser jogado durante cada sessão de guerra que ocorre nas manhãs dos finais de semana. Sexta - Bright Arbor Sabado - Scarlet Palace Domingo - Bamboo Groove Hill [O horário das guerras permanece o mesmo] Novos items adicionados ao NPC do emperio Guardian Angel [Melhor item de buff] Red perfect Set Manto Aegis [Melhor manto do jogo] Accessorio fantasia do elfo da noite Mais atualizações estão por vir. Convidem seus amigos para jogarem e nos ajudar a crescer mais e mais ♥ ^-^
  14. Some edits are subject for changes, such as mvps hp and points of Emp Ladder. Mining system Start the mining quest at pay_dun00 152 169 Before starting this quest, you must have a safety helmet or mine helm, both can be bought at @go 25. This is a quest that you have to mine stones in order to obtain items. From these mining, you can gain experiences and raise your miner level. There are 7 miner levels: Lv. 0: Candidate Lv. 1: Rookie Lv. 2: Apprentice Lv. 3: Worker Lv. 4: Pitman Lv. 5: Expert Lv. 6: Craftsman Lv. 7: Master By leveling up, you get permission to access mines of other maps, where you have higher chances of obtaining rare aura stones. The worker next to the mines tells all the other maps where you should go after you level up. It's very easy to play too, after getting the required helmet and warping to the first mine map, buy some old picks from the worker and then select the stones, there you'll see a menu indicating many different directions, the pike durability bar and the rock durability bar, to break the rock faster, you must hit the correct spot of the stone, if you hit the wrong spot of the stone, the durability of the pike will decrease a little per hit until it breaks. If you hit the right spot, you'll see in dialog that it'll tell you to keep hitting the point, and the durability of the rock will decrease faster. [Coordinate of every mining spot] - You must mine on the place according to your miner level, to get better exp. The mines for higher levels than yours are locked until you reach the miner's level. Candidate: pay_dun00 152 170 Rookie: anthell01 93 260 Apprentice: ein_dun02 263 213 Worker: juperos_01 144 47 Pitman: mag_dun01 234 61 Expert: ice_dun03 34 256 Craftsman: abyss_02 243 267 Master: ra_fild03 215 267 Tip: Bigger stones = more exp. From these minings, you have the chance of obtaining 12 different Aura stones and Dragon/Demon Crystal fragments. Fragments can be used to exchange by dragoon or demon fantasy ring at ra_temsky 100 55 [fragment collector]. Aura stones can be converted into various type of auras at ra_temsky 100 55 [Balthie]. There are 25 auras in total and you have the option to test them all before exchanging your Aura stones. This is the list of auras you can obtain by exchanging aura stones at the NPC: Housing system You can now rent your own house in XileROPK! Talk to Housing NPC at prontera 145 164 to be warped to one of the Villas There are 7 villas in total and each has 22 to 27 available houses per villa. In the Villas, talk to Proprietor to rent your house, you can rent it for 3 months and renew the contract if you want to You can set passwords for guests who wish to visit your house Some of the housing features: Alice Maid [clear your house by killing bugs] - If you abbandon your house for a very long time it gets full of bugs and in worst case you may lost the house. Piano Player PvP switch - Turn on/off PvP outside of your house Cupboard [storage] Bed [restore hp/sp] clothes [player can choose to wear normal, formal, christmas or summer outfits] Apple from trees Monster script, generates set number of monsters outside of the house Bug plague invasion - can earn GS by killing the bug [Dark thief bug] [Houses from different villas has are different from the inside too. Endless Tower dificulty increased and new prizes added Endless Tower is not as easy as it used to be! However, prizes have gotten a decent boost now [the old drops are still available though] You can obtain some of the bg cards [except morocc, eira, nydhog card] and set parts from DDS to donny. Accessories such as cathedrals and fantasy accessories. Weapons [Furies, royals and some of the newest aegis weapons, 2h bow, staff, fist, shuriken, katana for ninjas and revolver] Also there is a new drop added to Nagh Sieger which is Division Coin, that can be used to enter Seraphic Gate. Seraphic Gate Seraphic Gate is located at izlude 120 116 it's a game where you must solve some basic puzzles in order to fight one of the 5 goddess of the map. Each one drops 3 different types of Celestial token which can be converted into costume sets at ra_temsky 100 55 • Guild Pack for Guilds that joins XileRO PK! <3 • for details, access this link above! Battleground New prizes added! Aegis Ring Kades, Soheon, Phylla card Black and red sparkling xmas cloak Yellow tweakling witch hat Galaxy Wings Blue Galaxy Wings New game added - Triple inferno Boost Point event added - +4 Battleground points for 1 hour after Prontera's WoE. • Daily Quest re-added at prontera 178 214 • Added 30% chance of obtaining Water element ring from final boss of fishing quest • Increased the amount of breaker points obtained from WoE to 9. • Element Rings - added new aura on wind and water element Payon WoE We have set different castles to work during Payono woe. It'll be just like Prontera's, 1 castle a day. Friday - Bright Arbor Saturday - Scarlet Palace Sunday - Bamboo Groove Hill New items added to Emperium ladder Guardian Angel [Buff item] Red Pset Aegis Manteau Night Elf Fantasy Accessory More updates to come soon ^-^
  15. What is a Guild Pack? It's a pack of equipments for newly guilds. They are bound to the account, which means, it cannot be traded. What can I get from that? Guild leaders gets a slightly better upper-mid-low headgears than the members, but the others equipments are the same. Guild Leader -> +10 Donny Set, +10 Nightmare Parts, [2] +10 Royal weapon choosen by the player and 2 Cathedral Rings. Guild Members -> +10 Helios Wings + Omni Helm + Aura, +10 Nightmare Parts, [2] +10 Royal weapon choosen by the player and 2 Cathedral Rings. Are these equipments permanent? The applied guild after attending all our requisites, will be getting a rental box that lasts 30 days, and if the guild attend the rest of the requisites, they'll be getting the permanent guild pack box. Also, there will be no difference of equipments from Rental and Permanent boxes. Why is that? The purpose of this is to boost up and raising the equality in our WoE scenary, bringing up more players to increase the competivity and make WoE more enjoyable. How to Apply? There are some requisites that the applied guild must follow in order to obtain the guild pack. The applied Guild must have at least 20 members. The Guild must be new or old disbanded ones that are returning. The applied Guild master must do a introduction of his/her guild in this forum section: [Example] Guild Name: XileRO PK Guild Master: GM Naenia G.Master's Facebook: Member Quantity: 25 Full List of members [their in game names]: Orphne, Xile, GM Brian, Eternity, etc..... All the Guild members must comment on the thread created by the Guild Owner, telling their IGN (in-game name) All the accounts in game and in forums must be from different owners, players who try to dual won't be getting anything. We'll be checking everything. All the players of the applied guild must have played at least for a week. Accounts with over 3 month of playing are unable to get the boxes. Now we got the rental equipments, how can we obtain the permanent ones? The guild must follow these requisites during 30 days: -> Guild MUST be active at least during 2 Woe sessions during the month [it doesn't need to be with all members of the guild all the time during woes, we understand that players cannot be fully active during all the woes of the month] -> The guild member cannot play on a different guild from the one that he/she got the box. That'll result in loss of the chance of getting the permanent box for this player. The player cannot leave the guild and futurely join a new one that requires guild pack just to add the count. - The NPC will save the list of every player who have got the box from it and will kick automatically the 'smart' ones What if I get this box as a guild member and futurely build my own Guild? Will I get another box For leader? No. Once you use the Guild leader or Guild member box, you won't be able to use the boxes again. What about the cheating players that may come? Don't worry about that, we have taken many precautions towards that and all the neccessary checks will be done, besides, the boxes can be used only one time per account. To avoid players to keep changing guild. Can I trade the items I obtain from these packs? No. As I said in the beginning, the items are bound to the account. To avoid impacts to economy and possibly cheaters. How will be the proccess of obtaining the boxes after my guild is applied? We'll talk to the leader and check the best timing where all the guild members are online, then, the guild will be warped to a map where is IP restrict, and there a NPC will be waiting the members to get the boxes, once the player get the box from the NPC, they'll be auto warped to a city. And we'll repeat this proccess again during the proccess of getting the permanent box. Doubts, questions or suggestions, feel free to post ^o^/