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  1. But there was talk of it being worked on. I just wanna know if its actually happening or just random stuffs that turned out not to be true. Bastet set got screwed too it says +10 Bastet will be stronger thatn DSS and look its equal to GDS.. just wondering

  2. Like I said, it's not true. If it's true shouldn't all the Helios users have accesory protect already ?


    Says there OMni, pheonix, DSS will have accessoriy protect. I just want to know if thats true or not

  4. Custom weaponzzzz

  5. More custom weapons please <3

  6. I saw a guy selling iris aura in pront up by the 3v3 npc didnt get a SS though ill give it a shot next time i see him

  7. You can see in here;


    Sorry, some of language is Bahasa Indonesia :P

  8. *The event prize is from loot treasure xD

  9. Okeey, tomorrow Okeey. I need to sleep now hehe I just done make event on our guild. Tomorrow, whenever I done I will visitor message you again :)

  10. can you post mee all sets you have +10 on my wall or somewhere I wanna know current stats.

  11. Set donation, Silver lds and Golden lds I don't have :D

  12. dude do you have all sets?

  13. hey dude are u playing xilero right now or failed to connect server

  14. Ei sir my friends account got hacked can you change the password to it?

  15. Nope sorry all I have is HATS, FTW.


    I'll check tomorrow an see what else I have.