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  1. I have gotten many reports that players cannot use more than one client to play at a time. To bypass this issue, you just have to disable UAC in windows. This guide will show you how. Disable UAC via the Control Panel To disable UAC using the Control Panel options, you need to do the following: Open Control Panel. Go to the following path: Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts There you will find the Change User Account Control settings link. Click it. Alternatively, you can click the Start button to open the Start menu and type the following in the Search box: uac s Click 'Change User Account Control settings' in the search results: In the User Account Control settings dialog, move the slider to the bottom (Never Notify):Click OK. This will disable UAC. When done you can now open and play multiple clients at one time! Enjoy
  2. We will post official donation amounts/rewards soon as the automated donation system is finished. We are currently focused on gameplay. Give us a little time ^^
  3. V2018.07.31 01 [v2018.07.31] Jul 31 2018 Asura Strike (Champion) - Cap to 150k Occult Impact - Investigate (Champion) - Cap to 50k Killing Strike (has 5 hits) - Cap to max 15k per hit, 75k Total Resurrect & Turn Undead (High Priest) - Cap to 75k Acid Demonstration (Creator) - Cap to 80k Total Sonic Blow (Assassin Cross) - Cap to 150k Total Throw Spirit Sphere Fixed Added Intro NPC and Welcome Gifts Matk Massive overhaul and Increase Breaker Dmg Increase - Full Fix Coming Fixed Bug causing Card Drops Rates to be way too High Added 500+ KRO Official Items 25 Min Respawn for Champion Mobs Coming Soon Fix skill looping - example : bomb 9 instances -> recycle Cancel song when weapon switch (Clown Gypsy not playable now) Land Protector (Professor) needs to work to ensure proper MVP hunts BattleGrounds make the server crash when 2nd round starts MVPs (some are too strong, others too weak. Need to test more and fix as we go Examples for too weak: Golden Thief Bug, Ghostring(no mvp, still too wek)… Examples for too strong: Eddga, Baphomet, Ifrit Itemdb tag for event/60 gms to trade those items fix forums registration - code not showing add gallery to website add intro video to website merge stable release reduce hit mod 25% add 8/4 sec delays to ygg/seeds disable ygg/seed in woe disable bad skills for woe - find OS list update daily attendance awards Added Added support for the Achievements system and the Titles system. (#2067, #2157, #2161) Added a stylist db option to restrict some hairstyles for the Doram race. (#2155) Added/updated packets, encryption keys, and message tables for clients up to 2018-07-18. (#2139, #2126, #2132) Added support for the overweight percentage packet for clients older than 2017-10-25. (#2139) Added support for the chat commands /changedress and /nocosplay. (#2139) Added support for the party member death notification packet for clients older than 2017-05-02. (#2139) Added support for body style to the stylist. (#2138) Added a dead_area_size battle config option to configure the area to which player death packets are sent. (#2088) Added project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (#2131) Changed Updated the warp list packet for clients older than 2017-04-19. (#2139) Simplified the questinfo() script command and added setquestinfo(). This may break some scripts, but is easily fixable with a regular expression search/replace. (#2107) The constants database will now also be reloaded when calling @reloadscript. (#2130) The maximum item ID for the item database is now 65535 for clients older than 2018-07-04, and 131072 for newer clients. It may be increased up to a maximum of 2147483648 in the future, as needed. (#2134) Added the missing pos parameter to skill_init_unit_layout_unknown(). (#2143) Removed Removed the EF_ANGEL3 effect from the novice academy, as it is now triggered by the Achievements system. (#2156) Fixed Fixed a bug which made the Venom Splasher skill consume gemstones twice. (#2148) Fixed a bug that could make skill cooldowns never expire, rendering the skill unusable. (#2147) Fixed the maximum array size being higher than the maximum integer (uint32 vs int32), which could cause integer overflows in scripts. (#2093) Fixed a wrongly named constant, which made Sea-Otter Card not increase the Sushi heal rate. (#2117) Fixed misc bugs related to pet evolution. (#2136, #2153) Fixed a bug that sent an attendance system message without the attendence ui being opened. (#2129) Corrected several outdated documentation references to db/constants.conf, to point to doc/constants.md. (#2090) Fixed an issue in the script command getd() that wouldn't properly initialize the type of newly created variables through set(getd(...), ...) (#2158) Fixed a missing memory initialization in several dummy struct block_list entries created as local variables. (#2159)
  4. This will fix your XileRO BG if you are stuck with the Gepard logo on login. Just follow this guide step by step. 1 : Open your "XileROBG" install folder - Usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\XileRO\XileROBG" 2 : Find and Right-Click "XileROBG.exe" AND "opensetup.exe" then go to "Properties" 3 : Go to the "Compatibility" Tab 4 : Check Box "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and set to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" 5 : Check Box "Run this program as an administrator" 6 : Click "Apply" then "OK" 7 : Run "opensetup.exe" and set your desired settings 8 : Register and Play
  5. XileRO - KRO Battlegrounds Guide To enter the Battlegrounds, Simply Click the Queue Menu .: Modes, Rules and Maps :. Tierra Gorge The goal of the Tierra Gorge Battleground is to destroy the Food Storage or Food Depot of the opposing team. If you spawn in point Spawn 1 you attack Base 2; if you spawn in Spawn 2 you attack Base 1. Of course defending your own base is part of the battle. Player must be level 80 or higher to participate. Skill restrictions and limitations for this Battleground map are the same as those for War of Emperium. The shortest path between the two bases are blocked by destroyable Barricades. If your side of the Barricades is destroyed, they can be repaired by bringing 50 Stones to Guillaume Blacksmith or Croix Blacksmith (depend on which team you've joined.). He will appear near the destroyed Barricade area when repair work is needed. The Alternative Way outlined is an unblocked path. The Neutral Base hosts a Neutrality Flag. The team that captures (kills) the flag will be spawned near the Neutral Base and earns the aid of 3 Guardians in the battle. (2 Sword Guardians and 1 of Archer Guardian). When a player dies in battle, there is a 25 seconds delay for the player to respawn fully healed. Each player of the winning team will receive 3 Bravery Badge while players on the losing team receive 1. By default, each battle requires 20 players to form 2 teams of 6 VS 6. (The team size can vary on private servers. kRO also added a queue system which allow players to join a battle regardless of where they are in the RO world.) Flavius The goal of the Flavius Battleground is to destroy the Crystal of the opposing team. A Pink Crystal and a Blue Crystal will spawn at either end of the map at Base 1 and Base 2. Player must be level 80 or higher to participate. Skill restrictions and limitations for this Battleground map are the same as those for War of Emperium. In order to destroy the Crystal, a team must first defeat the two Guardians of the opposing team. The Crystal is immune to any form of attack while the Guardians are alive. A team gets one point by destroy the opposing team's Crystal. The first team to get two points will be the winner. This means that Flavius can be played up to 3 rounds. When a player dies in battle, there is a 25 seconds delay for the player to respawn fully healed. Each player of the winning team will receive 9 Valor Badge while players on the losing team receive 3. By default, each battle requires 20 players to form 2 teams of 6 vs 6. (The team size can vary on private servers. kRO also added a queue system which allow players to join a battle regardless of where they are in the RO world.) Kreiger Von Midgard (KvM) The Kreiger Von Midgard (KvM) Battleground is similar to a Guild vs Guild match. Players of the two teams are spawned in the battle arena and the first team to eliminate every player on the opposing team wins the battle. Participating players are put into teams according to their base levels. There are different battlefields for players with base level 1-59, 60-79 and 80-99 (or higher). Skill restrictions and limitations for this Battleground map are the same as those for War of Emperium. The default amount of players required for each KvM battle is 10 to form 2 teams of 5 vs 5. This may vary on private servers. When a player dies in battle, the player must wait until the end of the match to collect reward points. The maximum time for a KvM battle is 5 minutes. When the time is up, the team with the most survivors wins. Each player of the winning team will receive 1 KvM Point in the 1-59 Base Level Group, 2 KvM point in the 60-79 Base Level Group and 5 KvM Point in the 80 or higher Base Level Group. Each player of the losing team in the 60-79 Base Level Group and the 80 or higher Base Level Group will receive 1 KvM point. The losing team in the 1-59 Base Level Group will not get any points. Note 1: After each battle, players still connected will be warped to collect rewards. Players must talk to a reward NPC to claim badges or points within the time limit given. If a player fails to claim the reward at the given time, there is no way to claim the reward after leaving the battlefield. Note 2: If there is a tie in any match, both teams will be rewarded with the losing team's reward.
  6. XileRO BG & OS Item Conversion Release Date : July 30 2018 XileRO BG Rates: 1k/1k/150X/5% -|- MaxLvl: 255/90 -|- Pre-Renewal Content with Renewal Mechanics -|- 2nd Trans Jobs / Doram -|- Active PvP -|- True KRO Battlegrounds -|- Newbie Friendly -|- 2018 Client + Gepard 3.0 Anti-Hack Shield + RagnaShield -|- Custom Battle Royal 30 Man FFA PvP -|- Official / Latest KRO Item Stats -|- Clans -|- Instances -|- Quest -|- Job Changer -|- Shoping Mall -|- World Events -|- Daily GM Events -|- Cloud Dedicated Server -|- In-Game Automated Donation System -|- WoE Weekends -|- @warp | @go | @ii | @mi | @donate | @who | @autoloot | @noks | @commands -|- Latest Hercules Emulator -|- Weekly Updates -|- Active Staff https://www.xilero.net/xilero-bg/ Register Now and Play on July 30 https://www.xilero.net/xilero-bg/?module=account&action=create XileRO BG Download Links XileRO BG Full Install (GoogleDrive - Primary - 2.3GB) XileRO BG Full Install (DropBox - 2.3GB) -- OS Item Conversion XileRO OS Converter will be available to all players from our OS server. This system will Automatically convert your valuable items into Uber Points which you can use to buy items from the XileRO BG Uber Shop. All you need to do is create a BG account, login to the converter page with your XileRO OS info, then your BG info, click "Convert", then log into XileRO BG to receive your points. That easy! Converter will only allow player login for now until release date. https://conversion.xilero.net/login -- Discord Server Join now and get to know our staff and get all the updates as they happen https://discord.gg/JdXS6X -------------------
  7. Update June 25 - Links corrected, everything properly uploaded now. enjoy
  8. XileRO PK Full Installer V13 - Updated Jun 25 2018 - Choose a link below to download the complete installer for XileRO PK Google Drive - Primary Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=15agQJiF4m6XucAdax7ysDLHFR3kcbMAV - Mirror Downloads - MediaFire : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rw49cel9uzuc1c3/XileROPKFullV13.exe/file DropBox : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9mr57316wwnu1xs/XileROPKFullV13.exe?dl=1
  9. Elemental Race Rings = $50 Each
  10. Donation Item Prices 2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- XileRO Package Deals Aegis Set = Top/Mid/Low Headgear + Boots = 150 USD Aegis Extras = Aegis Bow = 100 USD Aegis Manteau = 100 USD Aegis Shield = 100 USD Aegis Ring x2 = 100 USD Aegis Set Packages - Aegis Set + [ Choose 3 Aegis Extras Item ] = 350 USD + WU Fee Aegis Set + [ Choose 2 Aegis Extras Item ] = 300 USD + WU Fee WU Fee = Western Union Transaction Send Money Fee Aegis Set Info = Elemental Race Rings = $50 Each pSet Packages - pSet+gBoots+2xCathedralRings+ [4 EleArmor + 2 Iris Cape + IrisSet + Angel of blessing [Job Changer] = 200 USD + WU Fee pSet+gBoots OR 2xCathedralRings+ [2 EleArmor + Iris Cape + IrisSet + Angel of blessing [Job Changer] = 150 USD + WU Fee pSet+ [2 EleArmor + Iris Cape + Angel of blessing [Job Changer] = 100 USD + WU Fee - All special offer would have to be discussed with our Donation-Staff or directly ~Xile~ the Best option to contact him is via Facebook . Simply leave him a complete detailed message and he will reply soon as he can. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Costume Accessories - http://www.xilero.net/forums/showthread.php?p=337615#post337615 Royal Weapons - http://www.xilero.net/forums/showthread.php?p=332957#post332957 Omni+Helios Set - 50.00 USD - WU/BT Phoenix+Helios Set - 50.00 USD - WU/BT EXE GAS (pink, blue, dark) 30.00 USD - WU/BT Cyber Wing - 10.00 USD - WU/BT Seracillas ribbon - 10.00 USD - WU/BT Dead Wing - 10.00 USD - WU/BT Angel of Blessing - 20.00 USD - WU/BT 2x S+C Mix - 30.00 USD - PP/WU/BT STR/Bishop Card - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT DEX/AmonRa Card - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Dragon Slayer - 30.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Grand Diety - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Guardian Angel - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Epic Inu - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Epic Neko - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Fallen Gladiator - 20.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Fallen - 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Infinity - 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Grand Sets (onyx, sapphire, emerald) 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Imperial - 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Dark Devil - 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT Old set (LDS, SA, EMP) - 10.00 USD - PP/WU/BT ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Updated - Feb 08th 2018 - By Xile This information will be updated when needed. Jon.Xile's Information & Terms and Agreement >>>> http://xilero.net/forums/showthread.php?t=36038 <<<<<
  11. XileRO LR is Live! https://xilero.net/xilero-lr/ Intro Video Using my Voice = https://youtu.be/DOba3GNDRjI We have poured an insane amount of work into this server, and are sure you all will be pleased. The final rates will be 20x/20x/10x - 100x Cards. Gepard2.0+RagnaShield has been added to block any and all bots/hacks/edits/packets/wpe/roap and so on. It will be impossible to bot or hack XileRO LR. 2017 Client & Content : Achievement System : True KRO BattleGrounds : Doram Class : Renewal : EP 15.2 : 20x/20x/10-100x : NO Rebirth System : WoE 2.0 : Latest KRO Updates : MaxLevel 175/60 : Gepard+Ragna AntiHack & AntiBot DualShield Below are the full installer links you need to play XileRO LR - Choose One - Be sure to register first : https://xilero.net/xilero-lr/?module=account&action=create Download XileRO LR Full Installer 2.3gb = GoogleDrive - Primary: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=0Bz5OuI0y1ysxeTM3NDBCREFkdFU&export=download OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsENs6eVZtZOjIs68PD6TS7gGJPTQQ MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cerw05fjsc0s871/XileROLRFull.exe DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/70a5u6wp7srsesg/XileROLRFull.exe?dl=1 Torrent - No Installer: http://xilero.net/torrent/XileROLR.torrent ------------------------------------------- XileRO LR is the "latest and greatest" of all RO private servers. We have the newest and most updated content. With new additions every week. When KRO/iRO/jRO have new additions, we have them as well. LR is low-rate with a high-rate experiance. Rebirth system has been removed, to make fast pace leveling. CardDrops are set to 1% droprate, keeping player builds an open option. Skills are fast, balanced, and fluid. LR has been built from the ground up to bring you the most up-to-date high-class low rate server possible. All to create an experience that will last years to come. ------------------------------------------- As good as it is, please remember this is still an early server. More things will come quickly. Skill changes, ballancing, rodex, roulette, EP 16.2, so on and so forth. We will never add "custom" items to XileRO LR - only "costumes" for look changes. All of the core stats items will remain and be updated to kRO official. All drops and mob spaws are kRO Renewal - merged with some pre-renewal. We will be updating the forums soon with info on all of our own features. I'm going to list some here. Uber Shop system for Uber Points = Donations, Achievments, Loyalty Shop, Dropped 100% by Champion Monsters Uber Pouch = 2/3 Uber Coins = 10 Coins = 150 Uber Points - Payon Exchanger Exchange NPCs for Uber Coins can be found in Payon = @go 3 Basically, what this means is, all donation items can be gathered from in game regularly I was able to gather over 2500 Uber Points in 1 Week - Legit Farming (No GM or Created Items) kRO Battlegrounds - working que system - directly from game menu Unique and custom endgame aura system - first at level 99, second level aura at 175 Card Drop Rates are 1% droprate universal Super Fast SP/HP Heal when sitting Fast cast based on Dex - 100 Dex for InstaCast New Graphics System - Not only did we get a huge update from kRO client Grapics, but we have also manually edited over 3,000 textures and converted all of our towns, waster, and main areas from SD to HD Thor Launcher, Latest Flux CP Hercules ShowHP = You see everyones HP, even enemy players in @go 15, south prontera, and battlegrounds New Encryption for account creation - sh3+salt = insanely secure passwords - we destoryed Md5 encryption Universal Icon system for all important npcs and portals for towns - you will see these icons hover over many npcs Rebirth system completely removed, you start as high novice @warp has been removed, you can use @go 1-36, and we do have a free world warp npc to start of areas/dungeons vending in selected areas in main towns - spread away from the center of each @go location - what this means is, you can vend in prontera, but not in the middle of town where all the players gather Prontera Battlefield = 160+ Portal in @go 0 Prontera - prontera copy map with 8 treasure boxes, that drop 100+ diffrent high-end gear = mass chaos 1 Treasure Box added to @go 15 - pvp - respawn for treasures is every 1hr Mass amounts of custom artwork @go mall = our mall = many good npcs only found here - be sure to check both east and west wing So so much more.... So, anyway, I hope this helps give you guys an idea of how much work we've put into this server. Thanks to the great team I'm working with. These guys are elite developers, and have done an incredible job. I'm very proud of what we accomplished. Extra Special Thanks to : Mark, Keks, & Carlo
  12. Hello everyone. As you might have noticed we have had some technical difficulties with the forums lately, In short, our host hard drives had "unrecoverable mechanical failure", We have recovered what we could from stored backups, but the new forums update was lost. So we are rebuilding from scratch, same as they were before. We also now have all our servers stored on a "cloud automated backup system", which is as nice as it sounds. We will never have rollbacks, downtime, or lost data again - thanks to Spiral. We are working fast to update the forums, bring Gepard AntiHack/AntiBot to OS, and bring you the new Low-rate server. We will keep everyone posted as we make progress, Discussion on these topics can return to normal once we have returned the forums categories. A list of our new backup system is as follows. The 24 hour system is used mainly to prevent a frequent repetitive lag on the servers. PK Files - Backed up every 24 hours. PK SQL - Backed up every 24 hours. OS Files -Backed up every 24 hours. OS SQL - Backed up every 24 hours. Forum Files - Backed up every 24 hours. Forum SQL - Backed up every 24 hours. We are once again very sorry for this mishap, and we will continue to work with you to restore things back to normal. Thanks.
  13. If Register on Site does not work - Use this Method : 1 : Login to XileRO Game 2 : Register with - username_M - for Male Account 3 : Register with - username_F - for Female Account 4 : Login Again and Remove the _M or _F from Account 5 : Enjoy ~ This method works for XileROPK and XileROMN
  14. Updated XileRO to v12 - Install either Full or Patch if you have ANY Issues - Enjoy ~ XileRO V12 - Updated Jan 12 2016 You MUST Install XileRO Full V12 to Play!! Complete Virus and Error Free Install - As Promised Simply Download - Install - Register - Play XileROFullV12 - 2.25GB : DOWNLOAD XileROFullV12 - 2.25GB - Choose the Link from Below : -Will be posted soon- XileROPatchV12 - 859MB[/color][/size] - Updated Jan 12 2016 Download and Install KRO/SAK - http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?pa...nload_kROLinks Download and Install XileROPatch Register - Play DOWNLOAD XileROPatchV12 - 859MB - Choose a Link from Below : XileRO Android 92 Final : http://www.xilero.net/XileRO92.apk Register to Play XileRO - http://www.xile-cp.net/?module=account&action=create Be sure to run the "XileRO Patcher" before you play! XileROPatch V12 - DOES work with all older XileRO Full Installers. Simply install the V12 Full or Patch if you have any errors in game.