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  1. Dont worry about it jon fixed it. Thanks!

  2. Hi was just wondering if you received my PM. because i still cant log in....

  3. Man xile isnt my only life. Wont be on till tomorrow night. so yea

  4. Whats your offer then? I dont wanna waste time

  5. I cant. Ill try on a sat or sun morning. People have job too....


    Give me your offer anyways so we dont waste time

  6. Wont be on till later tonight. i have work so ill pm you then

  7. Was PMing you ingame. Just reply

  8. Yea thanks man. Just figured it out lol xD

  9. Ill be on in around 5 - 10 min

  10. I pmed you alot of time in game lol, but no reply

  11. Sorry been busy lately. But just message me here when youre on. Because im never on xile LOL

  12. Do you offer pure vb's?

  13. Hey are you still buying GDS?

  14. Di eh. Na hack account ko, So they deactivated it at the moment. Pm mo nalang ako d2

  15. You selling naught?

  16. Oh dont worry about it lol, just lost couple of thousands vb's xD but i got the items anyways ima just have to sell it again. Where are you now?

  17. Yea no worries bro. Ill be online soon =)

  18. Tunechi

    yea i am =)

  19. Tunechi

    Well its around 2hr flight from melbourne. And no we dont but i have friends in Goldcoast or Melbourne maybe i can hook you up with

  20. Tunechi

    oh nice! Well its very nice there =) good weather!

  21. Tunechi

    Oh wow really? What city your staying?

  22. Tunechi

    yea im back lol xD how you been?

  23. Its too much man. I find it hard to sell gas =(

  24. Not sure how much to add. Can you offer?

  25. Hi can you specify how much boosted stats?