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  1. Hi guys, So im planning to return back to the game but i cant seem to remember my password. I tried to do forgot password but the link is broken. Any tips on how i can get my account back? Thanks!
  2. Dont worry about it jon fixed it. Thanks!

  3. Hi was just wondering if you received my PM. because i still cant log in....

  4. Yo you logged off but never came back on , I'll give you the fuel and bullets tmrw, gonna go to sleep cya bro.

  5. cming? pm me in game

  6. cm ursc on now ur there reoly me

  7. Man xile isnt my only life. Wont be on till tomorrow night. so yea

  8. bro ur there pm me in game fast

  9. kaori on ur sc only ok i need pm you

  10. pm me today woe time night