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  1. Applying For - Level 60 GM First Name - KaiIngame Name - Crayola but known as KaiFacebook Name - Kairan KusakabeAge - 25Mother language - Filipino English knowledge - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 10 years played from 2004 main, then pk , now osTime playing XileRO OS - 2 monthsOther abilities - Creative, Artistic, Neat ( If you need a Event GM i think you need someone who is capable of the first two abilities i have mentioned.) Why do you want to become GM - In all honesty the primary reason I want to be a GM again, is that you will compensate the work with item this time around, which I did not get during the last time when I was on staff ( no I am not trying to ask items for my previous assistances ). Not that the Adminitration does not want to give me before but, I just dont ask them for it, because from my perspective when you see O_o a staff member try to contribute something it should be automatic from theire side to offer. I though i'll get recognize with time so i stayed for few months as staff, but i eventually got demotivated and just resign. On the other hand my core reason to join the staff is I am very creative with events, I can introduce and organize different types of event, as a proof, some of my event post are still posted on the forums such "guild snake and ladder event" , "true afk event" , "raidcall singing event". I am also a neat person I stick to one font type UNLIKE OTHER STAFF WHO THINKS HAVING DIFFERENT COLORS AND SIZES OF FONTS ARE ATTARACTIIVE ( matamaan ang tatamaan LOL) I try to make things attractive if needed , it depends on what kind of event it is..if its christmas I will make it feel like christmas if its halloween i will make it feel like halloween but in a attarctive manner. My speciallty is I am a self starter I dont wait for instructions if i know something is needed. If i need translation and the translator are not around I try to search solution, it does not have to be the international staff.
  2. is there a payment for this LOL?
  3. What seems to be the problem? /? 

    1. Riyaka


      This is my problem I cannot deete this.. its a message that got messed up  because of the change from   Vbulletin to IP board forums.  Previously  before the forum roll back I can delete this now I cant


    2. Miyabi


      The thing is, the migration did not fix the bbcodes into IPB. But i've deleted it for you. You are clean now. 

  4. maganda kya profile ko ... lol nakapg lagay ako background ung nasa staff ako . eh dina pde eh xD nawala kasi staff status so hindi ako makaayos ng wall paper GIF file panga background ko gumagalaw hahahaha . Tignan mo yun k naenia maganda.


    Nagsalita ang hindi boring ang background ng profile hahahaha, tinatamad ako mag aus nung sakin eh, lol anyways log ko na ung desired prize mo :D


  6. Nate ang boriing tignan ng profile mo hahahaha kya mo nga to lagyan background xD di mo naman inaayos haha.


    nate +10 furylance as prize


    winner of lottery 51 ^.^ tq.

  7. my fallen bishop became iron fist card xD... LOL i knew it was a bug

  8. oo, nakuha ko from ticket, i just forgot what kind of ticket. kaya ngayon medyo kinakarir ko 3v3 xD. sana makakuha ako amonra

  9. really O_O !! omg ? weh ?

  10. hey kai, fallen bishop is non-trade-able right?? i got 1 from 3v3 though.

  11. Lol hahaha hi derek!