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  1. What Position do you apply for - Lvl 60 Event GM First Name - Kelvin Ingame Name - kelvz Facebook Name - Kelvin Tiña Caballero Age - 23 Mother language - Tagalog English knowledge - Advanced, nearly perfect. (but nobody's perfect :D) Years of XileRO Experience - Since 2006 on and off Time playing XileRO BG - a month Other abilities - Translations, Organizing / Administrating, Trolling Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - I played XileRO for so many years, I want to experience something new aside from being a normal player, I think is gonna the best opportunity for me That's all thanks
  2. IS-Philippines Name - Kelvin T. Caballero Ingame Name - keLvz Facebook Name - Kelvin Tina Caballero Age - 22 Mother language - Filipino English knowledge - Nearly perfect Years of XileRO Experience - 8 Years Time playing XileRO OS - 13 months Other abilities - Translations, Organizing, Administrative Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - I want to become IS support bcoz it gives more opportunity to help the newbie ones regarding on how to get stuffs and to guide them on how things works in the game. I know I'm not that active now coz of personal things but I will do my best to catch up in game and I will assure that I will give more time whenever I get this post Good day, Everyone...
  3. B>+10 BOG, HPA, Pauldron = Offer in vbss IGN: keLvz
  4. 16 saken #16 is already taken by LordOfVermilion.. i will give you #15 instead (edited by VEXX)
  5. Position: GM First Name: Kelvin Ingame Name: keLvz Facebook Name: Age: 22 y/o Mother language: Filipino/Tagalog English Knowledge : Average, I can't promise to speak fluently but I'm sure I can communicate well. Years of Playing: 4yrs Time of playing Xile OS: 11 months (since the Xile OS has released) Other Abilities: Friendly, Approachable, Patient, and easy to get in touch to players who needs help Why Do I want to be A GM/Inter Supp. : I really want to be a GM from the start. I'm always willing to help/assist newbie players especially on how to lvl up fast and give tips on how to gain sets/equips easily. I will do my best to make the server more interesting and enjoyable to play and help make/assist new events in the future.