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  1. I know my user and the email i use aswell as the chracter . Do you have a link for recovery or it has to be done manually since i stopped playing for 6 years. And my donation of 2k usd is still under that account. Or should O try to email jon however his always busy....
  2. you ban donor ? where? who? as far i know they are unbannable ( im not talking about small fries) ;D big once ;P

  3. faq come online

  4. Uhh if i was you i would fry to finish the study, welk everythings is alright:P

  5. i just Online to day for a day. hopefully if i got a stable job in real life . I might play again right now Im in mess with study work and don't know what to finish first. and how`s your cooking going?

  6. When you are back?

  7. i dont even Online dude O,o

  8. Dude u need to help me to Sell some Stuff they are all +10 onyx tgtb buckler Onyx armor

  9. np man ur welcome

  10. yeh my forum acc is unbanned and thx for letting me used for the past 2 years approximately ;)

  11. you are back bro?

  12. reply me when you got my email , ty

  13. ok ^^ and anyway jay trusted me and good luck with your unbanned im just trying to help

  14. No. Maybe that would be my brother who sometimes used my account. Not sure, but I'm sure it's him

  15. ur desu everyone told me ur him ^_~