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  1. Haha, Indeed. How's it going man?

  2. Hey Jon, I had sent you a private message regarding my account. Could you check it asap please?

  3. course, you can add my msn too. [email protected]

  4. Hey, is there a possible way to even talk/chat to you regarding my account?

  5. Just for a bit.

  6. lol Ez? EX is fcknd dead but EZ? swt...

  7. Neh, man I'm currently playing Ez for a bit along with my other friend, don't come coz i might not be able to help you :3.

  8. hai brodda ,get back to EX ill give u some crap /gg

  9. I'm not going to be a full timer low life Ro thug.


    Just now and then, raping homo's.

  10. EZ? lol, it is dead.


    Why don't you just quit like me? :D

  11. I'm da bomb man, I'm currently going to start anew in EZ.

  12. Haha, I'm sorry. But you can post now as I already added you :D

  13. Why don't you come on in msn sometimes?

  14. ei sixo how did u get ban


  15. Hi, i don't know you, yet.


    Have a blast and happy birthday:]