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  1. Taken care of, banned for 5 days as a warning as a 1st offense. Thank you for the report.
  2. Reading the chats, its like both of you are insulting each other. I will meet you both ingame to talk about this matter >:D you both need a whoop in the arse for this!!
  3. Hey there! I suggest you use Sorcerer, that class do big damage to MVPs.
  4. Mobile ba yan tntry mo?
  5. Fishing Coordinates: Brasilis 263 54 Iz_dun02 216 286 Rachel 241 53 Aldebaran 129 206 Hugel 201 107 lou_dun03 77 137 Jawaii 277 130 Veins 109 63 Prt_maze02 108 93 Moc_fild17 286 141 Cmd_fild05 76 258 Tur_dun01 81 46 Pay_arche 138 144 Ein_fild07 306 79 Mosk_dun01 138 59 Ayo_fild02 67 228 Spl_fild02 359 70 Gon_dun01 110 245 Glast_01 76 364 Yggdrasil01 37 243 Beach_dun3 51 88 Enjoy fishing !!
  6. Hello PK!! Here are the stats of PK Server Sets. Please be reminded that the stats will change once you wear it with Armor/Boots/Accessories/Cards. NO ITEM: Emperor Set Scarlet Angel Set Imperial Set Onyx Set Sapphire Set Emerald Set Little Devil Set Dark Devil Set Silver Little Devil Set Gold Little Devil Set Infinity Set Fallen Set Fallen Gladiator Set Neko Set Inu Set Guardian Angel Set Dragon Slayer Set [2 slotted Aura] Grand Deity Set [2 slotted Aura] Bastet Set [2 slotted Wings] Sekhmet Set [2 slotted Wings] Bee Set Blue Eternity Set [2 slotted Aura] Red Eternity Set [2 slotted Aura] Gold Eternity Set [2 slotted Aura] Exclusive Guardian Set (PINK) Exclusive Guardian Set (BLUE) Exclusive Guardian (Black) Helios Wings [3 slotted] Exclusive Guardian w/ Helios Wings Ebony Iris [2 slotted Wings] Folly Iris [2 slotted Wings] Periwinkle Iris [2 slotted Wings] Maize Iris [2 slotted Wings] Azure Iris [2 slotted Wings] Omni Set [2 slotted Wings] Phoenix Set [2 slotted Wings] Omni/Phoenix w/ Helios Wings Donny Set [3 slotted Wings] Perfect Helios Set [3 slotted Wings] Perfect Helios Set w/ INT Perfect Helios Set w/ DEX Perfect Helios Set w/ STR
  7. Good day PK! To make our server War of Emperium more fun and playable by Western and Asian players aswel. We adjusted the time for both players. Prontera WoE have been changed to 2hours earlier. but the first Prontera woe will be 1hour ahead from the original time. Its one Castle per day now. Friday: Gondul 20:00 - 21:00 Server Time Saturday: Skoegul 14:00 - 15:00 Server Time Sunday: Kriem 12:00 - 13:00 Server Time Also portals entrance to castles are closed, it opens during their WoE time and it's like WoE 2.0 portals, all entrances leads to the same castle. Use @time ingame to see server time, or check the WoE info in Prontera 157 196 Have a Good day! Thanks to GM Naenia.
  8. 12 please send the prize in pk server thanks!
  9. You can get the item (crow wings/crumbs) in DS easily if you use the character you using in set quest =)
  10. 11 please #11 is already taken by Ricardinhow.. i will give you #10 instead.. (edited by VEXX)