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  1. What Position do you apply for - Event GM / Law Enforcement / God of Everything First Name - Ken Ingame Name - ~ Marston ~ Facebook Name - Kenway Doms Age - 24 Mother language - Tagalog/Filipino/English English knowledge - Advance Years of XileRO Experience - since 2006 on and off Time playing XileRO BG - 1 month Other abilities - Translations English,Tagalog and a lil bit of Spanish, Organizing / Administrating, Streamer, Scripting, Database Why do you want to become GM/Law enforcement(What you apply for) - I'm patient and understanding. I was the Donation Recruiter in Xilero OS, so I think its time to move up more steps. I know that there are a lot of new players asking a ton of questions and I'm up for spending time with them and introducing them to our server. I know that there will be times when I'll be flooded with requests and questions and that's cool. I know that I can always prioritize what needs to be done and gauge how long it'll take, take things one by one (so I don't get all mixed up or do things half-a**ed), and rely on the team and on my friends for help (I'm not freaking superman ffs) I know that there will be troublesome players and that's fine. I'm not easily emotionally stressed and I can always understand that maybe they're just bored or in need of help or lost in life :D. Of course, I won't tolerate anyone breaking the rules and will deliver sanctions after giving necessary warnings. I'm a team player. I know how teams work - there's a leader. I don't have any attitude problems so it's totally okay with me if I'm given instructions (for as long as it's reasonable, constructive, and not offensive). Then there are teammates. I'm friendly and considerate in a way that I don't overstep boundaries. Lastly, there's myself. Once given time to learn the ropes, I'd know how to carry my own weight and do my job right. My main goal is to help the new players out and make sure that they'll have a great experience in the server (so they'll stay for life /gg). I generally like helping people out because it's just so fulfilling so I don't think I'll get tired of doing it anytime soon. Also, I want to help make the server livelier, grow the population and help spread the love <3
  2. 21 iGN: Detective Conan
  3. #7 iGN: Detective Conan
  4. That was Intense WOE today!! Congratulations to BH for Defending in Skeogul! and also Congratulations to UH guild! intense Def in Fad and not only that they won the WOE event for this week!! Great JOB!! to all castle Holders! kudos to LH as well for getting Kriem and GON! See you all in WOE nxt week again!!
  5. Zup!
  6. B> +0 Empset B> 2 Endless Faith Card Pm me in game IGN: Gambino
  7. 21 iGN: Renover
  8. hey bro i cant online this coming woe coz im here now in states im using laptop so i think its getting hard to me ..

  9. nabcos stop whinning. U always got a plan but u never succeed even once.

  10. hey bro im sorry i got busy this few days im graduating now thats why i didnt woe.. i hope u understand me

    dont worry nxt WOE im not busy so i can WOE again

  11. wew!! your kenshin himura?

  12. hey whats up? what's ur real name nigga?

  13. 28 Only bro