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  1. champion u still playing?

  2. My last +10Fury Echo i sell for 350Vbs for Elanya .. U can offer this?

  3. try to gimm eyour offer?

  4. What u offer in my +10Fury Echo?

  5. i want +10fury echo tracer in EX

  6. @who2 arcterex in ex i have +0impw 5jirachi 25vb in pk sorry its all i have ser i deal first if you want ty

  7. dude what your name in ex

  8. Hey kyla!! how're you =D

  9. Can you change the LDS for gtb? Or Anything Else, i dont need LDS D: For my DDS.

  10. i sitll got items in PK ._.

  11. bad boy i know now so don't lie and go on EX GO! GO AWAY!

  12. i wanna buy +10infinity