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  1. This still a thing?

  2. Updated as of 19th September 2018
  3. Staffs Vote results - Kenway is a lvl 60 GM, 6 VotesAlwin is a lvl 60 GM, 4 VotesKelvz got 3 Votes, will be a General Support to test him a little Bap will be a general supAngeli becomes a PH supMikey becomes a PH supSimplyJames will be the SP sup and support with scripts.Yuda is being tested as web-dev, introducing him soon. Everyone getting a position - Please contact me in FB ^-^
  4. The staff application is now closed, we are doing staff-votes until tomorrow Posting the future staff here when we're done ~
  5. I'll answer here too - I might implement a Emperium Break ranking board, displays player with the most breaks. Might not reward this tho, I'm afraid we would end up with Breaker only, no more defense
  6. Can we meet and you show me what you mean? Feel free to contact me in FB any time - Rainer Popowski
  7. edp

    Yep, has been fixed!
  8. We changed something of the drop config not long ago, does this issue still consist ?
  9. Nice applications so far This will be super hard to decide. Staff Application closes at 07th September 2018 - means 3 days left. We will have an internal Staff Vote/Discussion and will pick the future staff at 8th Sept Will try to set the people up on Sunday
  10. Nice to see you around Maicon Welcome We are all still learning, there are many new things to explore. Even Staff does not know everything The Champion Monster that drop Uber Pouches respawn every 25 minutes. Other ways to get Uber Pouches are - Devil Square, WoE (The guild leader gets 25 Uber Pouches of the server at the end of WoE if they own the castle, can use as salary). The Treasure Hunt every 30 minutes drops 2 Uber Pouches too. Castle Treasures drop 2 Uber Pouches each so depending of your Eco if you manage to keep your castle you can get lots. You can just use the command @ii to check if the item has a slot. @ii Immune Shield for example (yes, this one has a slot) The max damages here are different and are still being worked on. Most classes are capped at 23754 normal attack damage, SINX does currently not have a cap. Sniper is capped at 14k, this will be edited soon tho. Current skill damage caps - Asura 214k Occult 51k Turnundead 154k Ressurection 154k Sonic Blow 199k Ninja ISSEN - 25k Bolts - 8,7k SpiralPierce 45k Like i said - we are still working on them so they might change in future We do currently have all official items existing, the only items that were removed were the true godly items (Sleipnir, Megingjard, Mjolnir...) Vellum Weapons were too OP and replaced with Thana Weapons. Item stats should all be according to its description and official Feel free to ask stuff in our Facebook group if you have more things you wanna know, we all working together to build up a nice knowledge base
  11. XileRO BG - Staff Salary To provide the most possible transparency here's a quick insight of our staffs salary Salaries are monthly. Depending of the amount/quality of work a staff member does the salary might increase. We DO NOT give Staff member items, they get Uber Points. Forum Moderator / Guide Creator - 3000 Uber Points per month, additional 1500 per high quality guide International Supports (LVL 20) - 7500 Uber Points per month Event Manager (LVL 60) - 11000 Uber Points per month (there are bonuses, e.g. if they host some big Events like PVP Tournaments) Law Enforcement (LVL 80) - 14000 Uber Points per month (there are bonuses, e.g. if they host some big Events like PVP Tournaments)
  12. XileRO BG Donation 1 $ = 200 UB 10 $ = 2250 UB 25 $ = 6000 UB 50$ = 13500 UB 100$ = 30000 UB 150 $ = 47500 UB 200$ = 65000 UB For any donation higher than 200$ please contact Staff You can spend donated Uber Points in our Cash-Shop ingame. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Accepted Donation Methods Paypal or CreditCard Donation Link : https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=2LPDBGMAVZ8AJ WESTERN UNION : Send Money Online or at a Local Western Union Location - Google Map http://www.westernunion.com/us/send-money/send-money-online.page? Fill out a "Send Money Form" with the Following Information Name: Jonathan Slavey Street: Lake Dr City: Matthews State: North Carolina Country: USA ZipCode: 28104 //BANK TRANSFER : MUST contact Xile to donate via Bank Transfer When Finished with your Donation - Be sure to send a Donation Form Read Carefully and Fill out Properly Please Donation Form : Choose One Western Union : Email [email protected] with the following information -->> Amount Donated: Your HOME address: Your full name used for the transaction: Account name for Items: Character Name for Items: Additional Comments: MTCN (VERY important): PayPal or CreditCard : Email [email protected] with the following information -->> Email Label: XileRO Donation Sent Amount Donated: Paypal/CreditCard email address: Account name for Items: Character Name for Items: Questions and Comments: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This information CAN change! If there are ANY changes we update this Thread! Any other information you receive from ANYONE about donation is FAKE! If you ever get a pm about information that is not the information provided in this thread report it ASAP! IMPORTANT REMINDER! We do NOT exchange donation items AT ALL. Uber Points spent in the uber shop can not be returned if you bought a wrong item or an item you don't like ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All Transactions are made as non-refundable Donations to XileRO! Donation items will not be returned if lost in game Donations will always be returned if there is rollback or wipe
  13. Sorry for the late answer, missed this post. Have you tried following this guide to fix your issue?
  14. We, the XileRO BG Staff are currently looking for Reinforcements. Be part of us, help designing the server to make BG an awesome place to be. We got a few open Staff Positions - - Scripter - Web Developer - Video / Image Artist - Forum Moderator / Guide Creater - Core Developer (Source) - International Supports for some languages, feel free to apply - Level 60 Event GM Requirements (Inter Sups and GMs) - - Fluent english skills - (if inter sup) - as well as speak the Support-language you apply for perfect. - Creativity if it comes to event Hosting - Activity at forums as well as ingame. - Think of new things to improve the server - Be part of important decissions, help to make BG an awesome place to be. Ideas are appreciated - Keep recruiting new player, that's a must. Do everything possible to get new player playing, and guide them through the starts. - Work together as a team Requirements (Forum Moderator) - Be active at forums Forum Events are really appreciated, you can work with a GM/Admin on some Some basic cleaning, take care of spam Bots and others One of your responsibilities is to create guides. Do it yourself or make it somewhat of an Event (Let player create guides, best guide wins a prize..). Very flexible Since we're a new server we could need guides for basically anything Requirements / Infos (Scripter / Developer / Web Dev) - Herc shouldn't be new to you, rAthena / eAthena would be enough to start developing in herc tho. Git (or any other source control) knowledge would be great A clean way of scripting / coding should be one of your abilities The people who apply and seem to be qualified will be contacted in Facebook and we'll talk about a few things. Please apply in the following format - What Position do you apply for - Inter Sup / GM / Scripter / Coder / Web Dev / God of everything First Name - Rainer Ingame Name - Mambow Facebook Name - Rainer Popowski Age - 24 Mother language - German English knowledge - Advanced, nearly perfect / Advanced / Mid - Advanced (This will be tested, trust me - I'll smell Google Translators :P) Years of XileRO Experience - 12 Years Time playing XileRO BG - 3 months Other abilities - Scripting, Translations, Organizing / Administrating, Database/SQL knowledge, Software Developing Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - I want to become xxx because I'm .... as well as i can ... and there are things that i want to improve, for example....... (Leave me a text here, introduce yourself, show me why you're the perfect guy for that position) Happy applying ~