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  1. fallow my msg please thanks

  2. sir you can you do it now,. please sob sob

  3. hi miss marichelle can i ask about change password cant work. yes i change in site. successfully change. but in game can`t change my password it is bug? please help me thanks

  4. gm can you help me now about trading server to server now please asap i know your great gm please. go 12 in pk and ex please asap thanks

  5. bro sorry your offer is to low for my vb in pk

  6. gm water place can you help me trading server to server trading please now asap. in go 0 in EX server my name Clark Vhone thanks

  7. hey you dude you are dark priest hehehe

  8. @who2 arcterex in ex i have +0impw 5jirachi 25vb in pk sorry its all i have ser i deal first if you want ty

  9. dude @who2 popcorn in ex

  10. elow whisp you are gm?

  11. dude what your name in ex

  12. @who2 ana for +10 ETA

  13. please gm can you help me now.. maybe hes scammer so i need your assist

  14. gm can you help me now for trading server to server items please online

    in pk and ex

  15. hi gm can you help some trading server to server dealing

  16. man are you gm here

  17. tol online ka pla n0w ha.haha. Naka ph0ne ako n0w. D2 ako nagfoforums lbre pa. Hehe

  18. elow we meet now in EZ server

  19. sorry but i need same items

  20. elow why post also account will delete in xilero future in new and updates..

  21. gm what exact time pk server

  22. waaaa tae sayang yun sa pk kana ulit si dash ka trade ko same items pk nya=Ez ko

    lipat muna ex mo sa pk or ez tapos trade mo kay dash

  23. lol xp man have pk now my DHset wheres?

  24. game master are you online or afk now i need help