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  1. fallow my msg please thanks

  2. sir you can you do it now,. please sob sob

  3. whats your ign sir?

    i need buy something..


    or pm me who2 [M]aking [M]oney

  4. pre musta na?? ano n balita sau?? eto number ko now.. 09186610117

  5. hi miss marichelle can i ask about change password cant work. yes i change in site. successfully change. but in game can`t change my password it is bug? please help me thanks

  6. gm can you help me now about trading server to server now please asap i know your great gm please. go 12 in pk and ex please asap thanks

  7. bro sorry your offer is to low for my vb in pk

  8. gm water place can you help me trading server to server trading please now asap. in go 0 in EX server my name Clark Vhone thanks

  9. hey you dude you are dark priest hehehe

  10. @who2 arcterex in ex i have +0impw 5jirachi 25vb in pk sorry its all i have ser i deal first if you want ty

  11. dude @who2 popcorn in ex

  12. elow whisp you are gm?

  13. dude what your name in ex

  14. @who2 ana for +10 ETA