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  1. Already PMed you the required info 2 weeks ago and nothing till now! can any one else help please?
  2. Hello, it is been a while since I logged in game, recently tried to login but it always says wrong ID or PW, the client is fully updated and I'm not sure what's wrong.
  3. Hello guys, To make a long story short and save reading time for everyone, this is my current status: Only sprite and no items, lost a PSet full of Eira cards, BoA, Narmor, Nmanteau, Merman acc, Catherdral Seal, 3K gs or something, a couple of g eternity full or centipede larva ++ I know everyone lost stuff and I'm not the only one, but I would appreciate at least a resolution for the PSet situation. Thanks.
  4. Player Reported: SexY '? Reported For: Botting in BG and screwing the game for us farming points. always stands and do nothing spamming hide skill in order not to get the AFK notification and kick him.
  5. Hi.. Only can be done once per char? or there is a way to reset it? Also what is the best way to kill the mvp?
  6. Yes i agreed, Janept always do those  things many times in BG he just spam strom gust in camp like he's BOT.. Look at this guy..

  7. Hello! Player Reported: Janet Napoles ~ Reported For: Player always AFK spamming Crazy Uproar in order not to get the AFK notification and kick him out, he ruins the game for his team, I think he is dual clienting or using some sort of botting program. Screenshots attached. Thanks.
  8. Hello Nizar,


    Can you help watching over a deal please?



  9. It's OK, just nvm.

  10. about it bro i dont have intention to offend u bro and im not telling that u lied bro .. staff nate is my friend . im just helping him to find the answer of his question about if ur a pinoy or not

  11. About the screenshot bro, you didn't have to do that, as I never lied about being pinoy or not. I find it offensive in someway. Thanks.