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  1. send me a pm regarding your request. and no, im not a sir. :)

  2. excuse me sir i need help, im an old player and stopped visiting xile 6months ago, and i returned just this day and want to play again. but i forgot my ussername ID, i wish you could help me recover my 3 accounts my 2 main, and 1 dummy xD i have screenshots of my character in each account to prove that i am the user of the said accounts ... thanks for your help i wish you could help me sir


    thanks and god bless


    more power xilero :))

  3. hey reptar are u deven of Pro-Asylum ?if u are can i ask favor change my nick into BluePhantom tnx :3 btw im mark the stalker in the guild ~>.`Mark`.<~ tnx a lot ^_^

  4. "amburukutuy" -dan

  5. dan la naka ga duwa?

  6. jan! bkc na mobs ba O.o

  7. dan add ko sa friends mark ne