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  1. Today is your birthday?

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    2. Tattered


      Have skype or discord?

    3. Naenia


      am not using these :< just fb

    4. Tattered


      Happy birthday! Glad you reach admin pos, 've known you since you were only regular player using creator.

  2. First Name - Jaco Ingame Name - Tattered Zac / Zac / Divine Intervention Facebook Name - Jaco Ahmad Prasetya Age - 23 Mother language - Indonesia, English English knowledge - Mid - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 6 Years Time playing XileRO OS - less than 2 months (With more experience on XileRO PK with more than 3 years) Other abilities - Scripting, Javascript, Web Development, UX/UI Design Why do you want to become GM - I want become a GM, since I've been loving the server without knowing how to help it grow till I found this thread from facebook. I have the ability to create such entertaining long-term events or quest. I did a gameplay quest-ish development back then with rAthena developers, I was an Admin of a PS Ragnarok server for a year. Since I lost the capability of time to script, GM will be such an awesome position.
  3. <p><p>Actually I play league of lesbians now HAHA</p></p>

  4. oi, leave league of lesbians and play doto.

  5. !!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?????

  6. Noob, don't sell BES to NPC.

  7. I cant find you anywhere :\ I'm using Crystal Clear atm

  8. "and you gone again ;-;" you miss me, I know it. Hahaha anyway I'm currently downloading the mini client.

  9. Damn, I clicked your utube link at Lino's gay profile, and............................................

  10. No, right on your bed

  11. Your bed...............

  12. hi u hot? msgtooshort

  13. No you're no longer the boss D:

  14. If only I could help you ;| you know alwin still holding my items haha. Yeah I'm on, let me try to whisp you

  15. Hi nae, are you still in game?

  16. You're no longer the boss? D:

  17. wat? u homo beb? *_*

  18. Macro is everywhere.. popo my love..

  19. Aight, my fault :<

  20. You didn't edited my thread yet.

  21. Lolol, y u cant? D: wek po

  22. Mang, change my name to Haxor please :<

  23. Homo........................................

  24. Alex, fap pls